Monday, January 28, 2013

Letter #51


OH MY GOSH!!!! I just wanted to say that I am so extremely grateful that Colin was ok from his car accident and all of his friends too!!!! WHAT A MIRACLE!!!! I want to say a prayer of thanks right now! I am relieved and so thankful that you are ok Colin! I love you so much!

So this week went by quick. A lot of our investigators right now have not been wanting to meet with us and a lot of them dropped us. It has been hard on my companion, but not as hard for me because I have never met them before. The investigators that we have been meeting with have been doing great and really progressing well! Our Vietnamese investigator is still coming to church each week and keeping a study journal as he reads his Book of Mormon. He is planning on talking to his parents this week about the Plan of Salvation and his belief in this gospel. Our Sirlankin investigators met with us, but have still not had any desire to pray to God or find out that He is real. They are currently Buddhist and have very strong beliefs. They said that they motive in meeting with us is to learn about our Christian belief. While during my study the morning before their lesson, I had a huge impression that we needed to talk about Christ and why we have faith in Him. I felt that we needed to watch the movie Finding Faith in Christ so that they could see how Christ lived and get a visual for who He is. As we started the lesson, I asked them why they chose to believe in the Buddhist religion. They didn't really know why and said that it was just the culture of where they are from. We, and a member that was with us, explained why we each chose to believe in Jesus. We then watched the video, and something AMAZING took place! Both of the men's countenances had completely changed. I again bore my testimony of Jesus as our Savior. I asked them again to just take the faith to pray once to God and ask if He is real and I promised them that if they did their whole lives would change. To my complete surprise, they both agreed to try it!!!!

Another one of our investigators is our member's husband. He has been through sets and sets of missionaries, but has agreed to meet with us again. He is a very smart man and understands the scriptures on a total different level than I have ever seen. My companion and I met with him and his wife last night and discussed the Plan of Salvation for each of us. Through all of his questions, we sought for strength from the spirit and were able to him in ways that he had never thought of before. At the end of the lesson, we asked him to pray to God. He has not prayed since he was a child and believes that God cannot hear and answer his prayers. When we asked him, we were all shocked when he said yes!!!!

Something that I have learned more than anything this week is that we are God's instrument in bringing forth His work. How great is this calling! I have learned that it is nothing about the language or how much you know the scriptures, but it is all about being able to feel and recognize the Spirit and have the faith and courage to act on those promptings. I have learned more than ever, here on my mission, how the Spirit speaks individually to me. Sometimes, I will be sitting in a lesson and have no idea what the investigator is saying, but I have a thought and feeling to say something and when I do, it opens the investigator's mind and answers their question. This happened last night with our member's husband. Our investigator had a question about repentance, he and my companion were going back and forth with their opinions. Out of nowhere, I had a thought come to me and the feeling was so strong that I could not withhold my mouth. I said the thought, and the whole table got quiet. It opened his mind and heart and answered his question in a way I never would have thought. What a humbling thing to know that I am absolutely nothing without the spirit. Just like I cannot translate in Sacrament Meeting or a lesson without the spirit and I cannot speak any form of Korean without the spirit with me. It is something that is humbling and it has really taught me how I need to have the spirit with me all during my life. On my mission I cannot go a minute without it. I am so grateful for this experience and how much I have progressed and learned.

Everything else is going great here! The members are wonderful and have welcomed me in with open arms! I love them all so much already! The work is moving forward!

This week, I have felt very strongly about Jesus Christ and His example. I have realized His love for each of us and how we can have power and more of His love as we give His love and our love freely to all those around us. He truly does live. He truly lived on this earth and performed the atonement for each one of us. He truly did die for each of us and through His atonement was resurrected and lives today! I know that He knows us and loves us each individually, and I know that by His atonement we can have a fullness of joy. True joy. We can have all guilt taken away and feel the love and strength that comes in following Him. He is our Savior. I am so extremely grateful for Him!

I love each of you so much and am grateful for each of you! Give your love to someone this week and I promise that you will feel even stronger of the Savior's love for you!

커시 자매

Sister Kersey

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