Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Letter #46

Merry Christmas! This last week, was such an amazing week! There were so many miracles, and my heart is so full of thanks to all of you for your endless love and prayers! Thank you! This week, at our ward Christmas party, a whole less-active family came, another less-active young woman with a friend that has gospel interest that she refered to us, and four potential investigators, one investigator, and another new friend of a potential investigator that was refered to us! WOW! Talk about miracles! And on Sunday at church, 4 potential investigators and one investigator showed up! I feel so blessed! My companion and I are having so much fun working together...she is definitely one of my favorite companions! I love her so much, and she is such a blessing in my life!
So on Thursday, we had our mission Christmas party and were asked to write a letter to someone we love about the true meaning of Christmas and our testimony of Christ. I would like to share this letter with all of you, and would like to ask my family to read this on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with the two families! :)
"Today is our missionary Christmas Party and we have been asked to write to someone we love about the true meaning of Christmas and our testimonies of Jesus Christ. I thought of you all right away and would like to share just a few thoughts with you.
First I just want to say that I know that Jesus Christ is each and every one of our Saviour and Redeemer. He loves us and knows us each individually. He feels our happiness and joy and He also feels our sorrows and pain. He rejoices with us when we rejoice and weeps with us when we weep. He understands when no one else does and becasue of Him, we can know that we are never alone! He loves us!
From His birth in a stable, to His death on the cross, He has set the most perfect example for each one of us. He gave His life to love and service to those around Him, and because of His devoted life to His father, all will be healed. Whether you have struggles or trials mentally, physically, and emotionally, through Him and only through Him can we completely overcome these trials and find peace. This peace and healing can come in NO other way, but through Him. This is true joy and true love!
This Christmas, I have thought a lot about the wise men and shephards that came to see the Christ child. I thought about the gifts that they brought and the marveling that they had as they saw the babe in such humble, yet perfect circumstances. I think about if I was a wise man or shephard, what I would have brought to Jesus the Christ to celebrate His birth. I believe that we can all give a gift to Christ that shows our love and appreciation for ALL that He has done for us. Because through Him, we even have life and a way to return back to Him and have full, everlasting happiness.
This Christmas, I would ask you all to think abotu that perfect gift that you would give to Christ if you visited Him on His birth. This is not necessarilly a tangible gift, but maybe one of moral character and coming closer to Him. I hope that you will find this gift and strive this next year to focus your thoughts on your Savior and coming closer to Him by giving this gift to Him throughout this year and the rest of your life!
I promise you that as you do this and focus your life on coming to know your personal Savior, you will come to know Christ because you will become more like Him.
I know that Chrsit lives. He is our Savior, Lord and King. I love you all and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a great start to the new year!"
I love you all!
Merry Christmas!
커시 자매
Sister Kersey

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