Thursday, January 24, 2013

Letter #50


What a FUN week! It was such a fun adventure getting to know a new area and new ward and new investigators! The ward members are so extememly kind and I love them all already! I had met one new baptized family a few months ago when they were baptized, and they are in this ward. When they saw me they were so happy and said that they were so sad when Sister Foy and Sister Brady left, but President sent me here so they are happy! I already feel like I have a family here! What a blessing!

So about half of our investigators in this area are English speaking men and half are Korean, so this makes teaching really exciting! There is always a ton of variety. I had the opportunity to translate in church this Sunday for our Vietnamese investigator who is preparing for baptism and our Sirlankin member. It was a total blast! And I was able to see how much I have improved in my Korean! So FUN and rewarding!

Our Vietnamese investigator is so kind and has such a passion and love for this gospel. He has so many questions and reads the Book of Mormon every chance that he gets! He is waiting right now for permission from his parents in Vietnam to be baptized. They are an extreme Catholic family and do not approve of him changing his religion. We are all praying hard for his parent's heart to change so that he can become a member of the church!

We also have two sirlankin men investigators. We taught them the plan of salvation this week and about the doctine of christ that allows us to return to live with God again. They are both Buddhist and do not have much interest in the church. They cannot seem to believe or want to try to believe in a God.
We also met with one of our ward member's husband that she referred to us. We have about three ward member referrals of our ward member's husbands. On Sunday we also met a man that lives in Utah that is here for a little while in Korea with his family and he referred his whole family to us too! Super exciting how this work is moving forward here!

We have an adorable grandma investigator that we visit about two times a week in the hospital! She is so sweet and wants to be baptized so much, but has a hard time coming to church because she is sick and cannot climb stairs. We are working on trying to get her there and especially to have her really understand our doctrine.

Other than that and a bunch of other people we are teaching, we are still just doing missionary work: visiting less-actives, ward members, and procelyting every chance we get! It is fun! It is so fun to see how the work is the same in every area that you go to. This work really is the same all over the world! SO COOL!
Well, I am glad to hear that everything is going really well at home and everyone is healthy and happy! I am so happy to be here and for this opportunity to be the Lord's missionary! It is an experience that I would not change for the world! It truly opens your eyes to the world and who you really are! What a special and sacred opportunity! I have learned so much this week that the only way to truly do missionary work is by giving love, as Christ did. Christ truly is our perfect example. If we can learn to love everyone, no matter who they are, their situation, or how much they hate you, you will be able to change the whole world. Love is truly the key to success and happiness in this life and in everything that we do. I am so grateful for all of you and your love to me! I can feel this everyday, along with all the prayers that you pray for me! THANK YOU!!!! I truly love you all with my whole heart! I know the Jesus Christ is our Savior and that He knows and loves each one of us individually! He loves you and He knows you!
I hope you all have a wonderful and happy week!


커시 자매
Sister Kersey

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