Sunday, January 20, 2013

Letter #49

WOW!!!! WHAT AN AMAZING WEEK!!! This was my last week in 금정/연산 area. Yes, I finally got transferred. I was kind of expecting it, but it was crazy when it finally happened. My companion was so upset...she had fasted that we would stay together this next transfer, and when I got the call, she collapsed on the floor. The assistants and I started cracking up. We truly became such great friends. This week was a big week for me, my birthday on Tuesday and my one year mark on Friday. It was truly full of fun! My companion made me a traditional birthday meal for my birthday (By the way, I have learned how to cook a TON of Korean food this transfer :)) and then at our service project that I have been going to since my third transfer, the elders surprised me with a cake and the whole place sang to me. Then I went to our English Bible class that I have been teaching for six months now and they surprised me with food and gifts and sang to me. Then they asked me to play the piano and sing for them haha! It was such a fun day! I also got surprise calls from President and Sister Gilbert and some of my favorite past companions! :) What a fun and perfect the end of the day, I was so tired from all the love! I truly have no idea how everyone found out it was my birthday?!

We had so many miracles this week talking with people on the street and subway. There was one girl I was talking to on the subway and telling her about our English class. I invited her to come the next day and got her phone number. Then out of no where I had this impression to ask her to have dinner with us the next day. So I did. I set up and appointment right there! So FUN! Later she got busy, but wants to meet again later!

My companion has also been calling a lot of people in the phone from past contacts that we had received and has been setting up a ton of appointments. The work is finally starting to go somewhere! :)

We also met with our less-active young woman and her friend that she referred to us. She has so much interest in learning about our church and we were able to teach her the first lesson of the restoration. She was so intentive and she had so many questions. She was thrilled when we gave her a Book of Mormon and asked her to read and pray about what we had taught her. I have never seen anyone so excited about learning!!! It was so fun to see that!

On Saturday, we were invited to a wedding for the stake president's son. It was beautiful and so fun to see members from the stake. Because I have served so long in Busan, I know so many people here in the stake! It was so fun!

On Sunday, my last day with the ward, I had to give a talk. It was probably the best talk I have given yet in church. I was so comfortable it was crazy. The whole ward, of 110 people were all staring at me and it was so quiet. I hope everything that I said made sense. I just kept feeling like I needed to say that I loved everyone, so I did. Their reaction after the meeting was shocking. This ward is one of the biggest and by far the hardest ward and area in the mission. The members dislike the missionaries so much, which made the work really hard the past four months. But after my talk, the ward members kept coming up and talking to us missionaries and thanking us for our work. I was so shocked!!!! I think there is going to be some big changes in this ward! It needs changed...I hope I helped a little in opening this ward up to missionary work. All of the women kept saying that I was the prettiest sister missionary that they had ever seen and that had served in their was really funny. I truly loved those ward members, but I am not very sad to leave. I am ready for something new.

AND I AM DEFINITELY GETTING SOMETHING NEW!!!!!! I am now serving in 김해. It is still in Busan and in the Busan stake, but is farther out of Busan and not so much city. But it is a HUGE area!!!! I am so excited! And the branch is HUGE, but is a branch because they need a few more priesthood holders to make it a ward. But they are the complete opposite of the ward that I am coming from. They LOVE, I am talking LOVE the missionaries!!!!! And the work here is BOOMING!!!! I am so excited and on fire to start in this area! I am taking Sister Brady's place AGAIN!!! I took her place in 연산 when she finished follow-up training me, and now she is returning home and I get to take her place here! I am so excited. And I am follow-up training again. This is kind of a pattern with me. It is Sister Brady's trainee and she is AWESOME! A amazing missionary and just likes to get things done! Very focused! I am so excited. She is also Korean! :) My Korean is just going to sky-rocket! I am so excited! I guess most of the investigators here are from other countries and so I will be translating in Sacrament meeting and in the meetings at church. I am just a little intimidated, but have had a little practice with the older missionaries if they need to understand something. It is going to be a blast! I just can't wait to get to work!!!!! I am squirming in my chair right now just thinking about it! :)

Well anyway, I am sure next week I will have so much to share! AH I CAN"T WAIT!!!! I just wanted to thank everyone that remembered me on my birthday! It was one of the best ones I have ever had! Thank you all!

I know that Jesus Christ lives. He is truly our Savior. He loves us and wants us to know Him just like He knows us. We can know Him as we reach out to others in love and service, just as He did while He was on the earth. This new transfer, we are focusing on the God Head as a mission whole and inviting all the ward members, investigators, people we meet on the streets, and our families to reach out in love to one person a day in a random act of service. In the morning, in your morning prayer, ask to see a random act of service that you can give, then during the day strive to see that and reach our in love for all around you. I promise that as you do this, you will find a sweet happiness that you have never felt before, and you will come to know your Savior Jesus Christ in a way that you never knew Him before!

I love you all so much! I am so grateful to be here and to be Heavenly Father's instrument in the beautiful country of Korea! Have a fantastic week!

커시 자매
Sister Kersey

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