Monday, July 22, 2013

Letter #74


Wow....I guess this is it. The very last letter. What an overwhelming
feeling I have right now sitting here at the computer in a quite
library in 신제주 with the windows open and fans going in the heat of a
beautiful summer day. How I completely love this place! How I
completely love these beautiful Korean people and this most miraculous
work of the Lord that I have had the pleasure and opportunity to serve
for the last year and a half of my life.

As I ponder on the last year and a half, I am completely blown away
and humbled at what I see. I see hard, long hours of work in heat,
humidity, rain, snow, fierce wind, and absolute cold. I see struggling
to learn a different culture, not understanding why people act the way
they do, feeling completely alone, learning a crazy new language that
felt like it would never come, and being discouraged beyond belief. I
see a small seed of faith that grew with each day walking out that
door once again and choosing to open my mouth in a different tongue to
tell these people that I didn't know, about something that has bought me
more happiness than anything else in the world. I see determination to
be the best that God could make me be, to love as Christ did, to heal
with every look of the eye and sound of the tongue. I see obedience,
even hidden strength of courage, when those around me had no desire at
all to be doing the work. I see persistence and joy beyond
comprehension. I see miracles that could never be said in words enough
to bring back the reality to a God given gift that turned a life
upside down. I see compassion and kindness, patience and growth. But
out of all the things that I see when looking back on my mission, the
thing that sticks out the most above all else, is the blessings that I
have received from doing the most simple and easiest and beautiful
work on the choosing to be a representative of the Lord,
and my Savior Jesus Christ.

When upon entering the MTC and the mission field at the start of my
mission, I made a commitment and promise to Heavenly Father and to
myself to give of myself to this work in complete love and obedience.
I remember feeling so grateful for the opportunity that I was given to
be trusted enough from the Lord to bring about His work as if He were
here at this time. I remember wanting so badly to keep that trust no
matter how hard, how difficult, how discouraged I was. I wanted to
give my heart to my Savior and Redeemer who knew me personally and did
ALL for me . What a small sacrifice for what He had done so freely and
selflessly for me.

While reading the Book of Mormon one day, I came across a scripture
that stood out to me so strongly, and became a motto for my mission.
Alma 29: 9-10. It reads, " I know that which the Lord hath commanded
me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that
which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory, that
perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul
to repentance; and this is my joy. And behold, when I see many of my
brethren truly penitent, and coming to the Lord their God, then is my
soul filled with joy; then do I remember what the Lord has done for
me, yea, even that he hath heard my prayer; yea, then do I remember his
merciful arm which he extended towards me." Then it goes on in verse
16, "Now, when I think of the success of these my brethren my soul is
carried away, even to the separation of it from the body, as it were,
so great is my joy."

I truly have found the most beautiful joy and peace from giving of
myself in this small amount of time for the people of South Korean,
and to my Savior Jesus Christ. I know that there could be nothing more
sacred and special than this precious time. What a blessing and
privilege that I was able to do this. This time was no sacrifice for
me compared to the blessings that I was so easily given from a loving
Heavenly Father, and seeing of the mighty miracles given to me. But
through the lives that I saw touched and changed, the biggest miracle
of all was how my life changed. I will forever be changed from this
experience. I will forever be indebted to my Father in Heaven for
shaping and molding me into this person that I have become. Even if I
did no other good in this time, I know that one life was forever
changed....and that was my own. I am so humbled for this experience,
and so extremely blessed to have had such supportive and loving family
members and friends that lifted me and sustained me all along the way.
I love you all and am so grateful for each one of you!

Until we meet again....very soon!
With all my love,

커시 자매

Sister Kersey

(Sister Kersey's homecoming talk will be on August 11th at 1:00, for anyone that would like to attend.)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Letter #73

(Second to last letter from Sister Kersey.  She will be giving her homecoming talk on August 11th at 1:00pm at the Santa Juanita Building.  We would all love for you to come!  Thank you for all of your love and support!  Jim and Carri Kersey)


WOW!!! What a beautiful week! Now that monsoon season is over, the
weather is absolutely beautiful here on Jeju and I am just soaking it
all in! I feel so happy to be here and feel so blessed with this
amazing place that I live and the amazing people that I love so

Yesterday, we were so excited to see one of our members bring her
non-member friend to church for the 3rd time! And we were even more
excited when she told us that she asked us if we could start teaching
her the missionary discussions! She was so excited to hear our message
and has such a desire to learn about our church! She listened so
intently and even asked questions! Our members right now are starting
to bring more and more of their friends to church, or English class,
or to meet with us! I think that I have received more referrals and
talked to more members about their friends that are interested in our
church more in this area than any other area that I served in my whole
mission! What a blessing! I am so blown away with these members'
devotion and love for the missionaries and missionary work! I feel so
humbled to be working right along with them.

Last night, we met with two families in our ward for dinner and asked
them to reach out as disciples of Christ in serving those that they
find on the street that need help or just a friend. We gave them all
two pamphlets each and asked them to tell these people that they are
disciples of Christ and have a special message for them that will help
them. To my surprise, the members were absolutely excited and
motivated to take the pamphlets, and they all promised us individually
that they would do this! I am so excited to hear the amazing stories
that they will have!

The lesson that I was able to learn more than anything this last week
was about being an agent! I have never in my life understood how
powerful it is to be an agent until this last week! We literally are
given agency to be our true selves and resist all temptations and
outward influences that will attack us and try to bring us down. I
believe firmly that no matter where we are, no matter who we are with,
and no matter what our situation and circumstances, we are able to be
true to ourselves and God and find true foundation and happiness by
doing so! This is our way to knowing who we really are to God and our
way to coming back to Him like how we were before when we lived with
Him! What a blessing to know that I am an agent, and that I can choose
each day what I will do and what I will say and what I will believe!
There could never be a more powerful, more sacred gift than our power
of agency and being who we really are!

I am so happy for who I have become and what I have learned during
this precious time on my mission! There has never been a more precious
time in my entire life! What a sacred and dear experience in my life!
I will be forever thankful! I love you all and hope you have a safe
and happy week!

거시 자매

Sister Kersey

Letter #72

July 8, 2013

Happy Independance Day!!! I didn't get to celebrate too much being in
a foreign land, but my two American companions wouldn't let me forget
it! :)

I am so thrilled to hear about how great the ward breakfast went and
especially all the people that attended! What a great example of
missionary work and really extending a loving, friendly hand to
others! Our ward is such a great example to me, and I feel so blessed
that I was raised in such a loving and giving ward!

This last week was fantastic! It started with us losing our cell phone
at a wedding reception. I was devistated! We got home and asked a
woman on the bus to use her phone to contact our district leader to
tell him that we wouldn't be calling him that night because we had no
phone. Right when we got in the door, we knelt down and prayed that
somehow we would be able to find our phone or get a phone. We got up
and just started planning for the next day, and we all had really
peaceful feelings about it. The next day, when we arrived back to our
apartment, there was a small peice of paper on our door from the
elders telling us that they had found our phone and left it at the
church for us! I guess we had left it in the taxi on the way to the
reception and the taxi driver took it to the police station where they
then contacted the elders. What a miracle! We again knelt down and
prayed a prayer of thanks!

On Thursday night, one of our branch members invited us and one of our
investigators over for dinner. This is the same investigator that had
the dream about me coming from heaven and taking her hand and leading
her to safety in between all the snakes. She told this member about
her dream, and our amazing member bore her her testimony of this
church and shared her conversion story with her. Early in the
transfer, my companions and I had found a scripture in the Book of
Mormon, in the chapter that she had been studying, that seemed to
describe her dream to perfection. I then opened the Book of Mormon up
for her and had her read the scripture. I then took her through her
dream, describing what symbolizim that I noticed and what I believed
her dream meant. She told me that she could understand that scripture
perfectly and believes that what I see as the meaning of her dream,
really could be true!

On Saturday night, while doing our daily planning, my companions and I
were discussing what we should do for Sunday evening. We had kind of a
plan written down that we thought could be the best use of our time
and the people that we should be visiting, when suddenly I just said
that I felt that we needed to change our plans to visiting a woman
that had stopped coming to church recently because she was ill. She
lived farely far and I was worried about visiting her at night and
especially on a Sunday night when her whole family, including her
non-member husband could be home. But I followed the prompting, told
my companions, they agreed and we switched our plans. Then on Sunday
night, as we were waiting for the bus, we again realized that we would
probably not be able to make it in time to really stay a long time and
that we would probably have to call in late. I asked my companions if
we should switch our plans again to something that might be a more
productive use of our time, but again the feeling came that we needed
to go. So we did!

When the husband opened the door, he immediately told us to come in!
Without hesitation. We were kind of shocked, asked if his wife was
home and entered the house. There she was just laying on the couch.
She looked so much better, but I could still see some sickness in her
eyes. We started to talk to her, and out of nowhere, I had a thought
in my mind that told me that she had a miscarriage. FInally I got up
the courage to ask her how she was feeling. She sat there for a minute
and then told me exactly what I had predicted. She then started
telling us how she believes in the Plan of Salvation so strongly, that
she believes that everything happens for a reason, and she knows that
she will see her baby again someday. She then told us that she had
specifically prayed that the sister missionaries would come and visit
her so that we could talk with her and comfort her. She said that when
she heard the knock at her door, she was not even in the least bit
surprized! Amazing!

We were able to talk with her, lift her, share our testimonies with
her, and then we gathered with her whole family, including her
husband, and prayed together! What a miracle!

I truly believe that God talks to us today. He literally tells us
where we need to be, who we need to see, and when we need to do it! He
controls everything, and I believe that when His son or daughter gives
a humble prayer, He hears every word and answers it! He loves us! We
are His children! We will have our sincere prayers answered, and we
can be the angels in other's lives if we just listen to His words by
the promptings of the spirit, with faith!

I love this work! I love all of you!

Letter #71

July 1, 2013

Wow! What a week! So much fun and so different than I was expecting. I
have to say that this last transfer was nothing like I had planned. It
seemes like I have the very best of all worlds...the best companions,
the best area, the best branch members, the best investigators, the
best district, but by far the hardest time adjusting to the reality
that this is going to be ending someday...and someday soon. It doesn't
seem real, and I don't even think about it, but I think that my
sub-conscious knows, which means that it comes out in other crazy
emotions and stresses and dreams. Wow....kind of a crazy time.

But even through all these kind-of undescribable emotions, we have
been working harder than ever and seeing amazing miracles. Heavenly
Father definitely knows what is going on and exactly what we need!

The first part of this week was kind of a clean-up of sorts on
investigators that we have been meeting with for a while that are not
progressing, and trying to figure out more of the less-active
situation. There were a lot of dropped investigators, which was
difficult, but exactly what we need to have happen in order to find
the many new people that are prepared for us to teach. Our one
progressing investigator that had the dream about me last transfer,
finally came to church on Sunday! I complete miracle. The branch was
so excited and welcomed her in with open arms. This week we have been
asked by two members in the branch to join them for dinner or p-day
activities! Our branch members are absolutely the biggest blessing and
a huge example of how to do member missionary work. They serve so
openly and lovingly!

Another young single adult sister in the ward that is working on her
mission papers, introduced us to her friend last week at English
class. We met with her during the week to talk at a Cafe, and were so
excited to hear that she has never had a religion or been to church,
but after coming to English class and feeling a feeling that she
couldn't describe in our church building, suddenly had huge interest
in our church and getting a religion. She said that each time she
looks at us in our eyes, there is a light that she can't describe and
she longs to be as happy as we are! I feel so blessed for amazing
branch members that have the faith and the desire to share the gospel
with their friends, and have enough trust in us to let us meet with
them! Another sister on Sunday approached me and told me that she had
a friend that she travels to the other side of the island for class
each day that she also want to refer to us! What a huge miracle and

Yesterday was supposed to be our p-day, but a member asked to take us
to some beautiful waterfalls today on the other side of the island, so
we got permission to change our p-day this week to Tuesday. I am so
happy that we did, because we had the most amazing day yesterday
diligently giving ourselves to the work. It started out in the morning
as I was teaching and training my two trainees in our 12 week program
on how to become a missionary. We were discussing ideas on how to find
more people to teach, which was perfectly appropriate for dropping
most of our investigators the week before, when we suddenly had a
fantastic idea! It was an idea that could go far beyond the time as a
missionary, to becoming a every-day member missionary. We discussed
how amazing it would be if people carried with them pamphlets and name
cards of the church and how to contact you and the missionaries, so
that everytime you found someone to serve, whether at school or the
grocery store or at work, you could tell that person that you
represent a servant and disciple of Jesus Christ and hand them a
pamphlet. What if every member of the church were to start doing this?
Just to random people they see and that they help to serve. Whether
that is someone that has their hands full with groceries and a
screaming child trying to get to their car, or a friend at school that
just had a death in their family. What if we approached them, even as
a stranger, and held out a hand, as Christ would if He were here. That
is our whole purpose here on Earth! We were baptized and took upon us
His name! Isn't that exactly what we are supposed to be
doing....acting in His behalf as His representative at all times, in
all things, and in all places?! WOW! I am so excited about this! So
excited that my companions and I want to put on a fireside for our
branch on how they can be everyday missionaries and disciples of Jesus
Christ! How cool is that!

My companions and I are also trying to be more bold with each person
that we meet! On the bus, we tell people directly and forwardly that
we are representing the Savior, Jesus Christ in this area, and are
here to completely have our focus on the people that live in this area
to help them come to know Jesus Christ and to help them the way that
He would if He were here! It is incredible that power that that brings
to us and the spirit that touches these sweet people that we talk to!
How amazing would that be if every missionary were that bold when
talking to random people they meet on the street?!

Yesterday we also were able to call a sister in the ward that we saw
on Sunday that looked pretty sick and down. I kept having a feeling
that we needed to go see her, so we called and set a quick
appointment. I was shocked when we got to her house and found it
completely it hadn't been cleaned in a good couple of
days. We sat down and started talking with her, but she looked tried
and heavy. I finally asked her about cleaning the house. Because she
is sick, she has a hard time cleaning, and told us that the Relief
Society would be coming on Thursday to help her out! I told her that
was great, but that there was no way that we were going to have her in
a messy house until Thursday. My companions and I immediately stood up
and started to clean. We turned on the lights, cleaned the house,
played with the kids, listened to hymns on the piano as her daughter
practiced, and then shared a simple message about the role of a mother
and what a great job this sister was doing as a single parent and
raising two children on her own. In just that short hour, her home had
a complete different spirit, and her face had a new light. I left
there feeling like we had done something right....and what Heavenly
Father wanted us to do that day. Focus completely on his one
struggling daughter!

WOW! I love this gospel and I love missionary work, and I absolutely
love being a missionary and a representatvie and disciple of Jesus
Christ! What a humbling experience to be representing Him and to take
upon His name daily! I feel so extremely blessed for that priviledge!

I know this gospel is true, That Christ lives, that He is our Savior
and Redeemer! There is no doubt in my mind, heart, or soul about this
simple truth! He lived here on Earth, established His church, payed
the price for our sins and mistakes, lived a perfect life, and died
for each on of us! I love Him! I know that He is my older brother! He
is your older brother! He knows us and loves us! How grateful I am for

Have a great week! Remember who you represent! Stay strong! And let
His light shine through you! Be an example of Him!

I love you all!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Letter #70


Well just spent the morning running around getting my new trainee's
foreigner card filled out and then spent the afternoon visiting a HUGE
Buddhist temple! Absolutely beautiful and one of the best things I
have seen yet in Korea! I have been to little ones and they are great,
but this one was fantastic! I know I have lived in Korea for the past
year and three months, but it hits me every once in a while that I am
actually living in Asia and speaking to these people! Holy Cow! Cool!
My trainees were both as blown away as I was!

My new trainee is an American from St. George, Utah. She went to Utah
State just like I did and we are the same age! Her name is Sister
Kiser. It is hilarious because my two trainees and I look so similar
to one another and all have similar personalities! I don't think I
could have a better, more fun last transfer than this one with these
two new missionaries! She is doing great, and Sister Benbrook, my
other trainee, is also doing better than ever! They have so much fire
and courage that it just completely blows me away! We are already
having fabulous experiences and we just got back from Busan on
Thursday night!

This last week consisted of mostly running around from visits and just
trying to get weekly planning in when we had time! We are starting to
get really, really busy! I feel like our lists of investigators and
other people to meet is getting longer and longer! I LOVE IT! This is
what I have been working for this whole time that I have been here on
Jeju! And now it is here! And it is amazing!

We just received a new referral from a ward member on Saturday night
and are going to be meeting with them both this week! I am telling
you.....the miracles just keep coming! I am so humbled by the work
that we are seeing before our eyes! I can't even wait to start this
next week and see what is in store for us!

On Saturday, as we were traveling to an appointment with the Elders,
my brand new trainee gave away her very first Book of Mormon and
received a contact all by herself. I am so impressed that these two
brand new missionaries, that know such little Korean, are so couragous
and full of so much love that they are not afraid to do what they are
called to do: preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, and at all times!
What strong, wonderful missionaries! I feel so blessed to be working
with them. I already know that they are teaching me more than I could
ever do for them! What a blessing!

I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week! I know that this
gospel is true and I am so blessed to have the priviledge to share
this happy message to the world! What a little sacrifice for such a
life-changing experience!

커시 자매
Sister Kersey

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Letter #69


Happy Father's Day Daddy, Grandpa Kersey, and Papa! You each have
played such a special role in my life and I love each one of you! I
will be thinking of you this week! Know that I love you!

Well it is officially the start of a new transfer....and officially
the start of my last transfer. Wow! How did time fly so fast. I cannot
believe it! I feel like I just got are they expecting me
to go home now?

The other day, my Korean trainee was packing to transfer to her new
area, and my American trainee and I, who are both staying here in Jeju
this transfer, got out our new planners to do weekly planning. I
looked at my planner and opened it up, and out of nowhere just started
crying. is really starting to feel real now.

This last transfer, I will be finishing training my American trainee
and we also will be going to Busan later this week to pick up another
brand new missionary from the MTC. Yes, I will be in a three-some
again, and Yes, I will be training two brand new missionaries again.
What a blessing! Last transfer training two was such a fantastic
experience and we received so many miracles! I know that this transfer
will be just as wonderful, or more! I have more fire than ever before,
and I just want to get out and work, work, work!!! I think I have more
fire than my two trainees....haha! :) I just truly love missionary
work with my whole heart! It changed my life, and I cannot be more
thankful for this opportunity to be serving each and everyday as a
representative of my Savior, Jesus Christ! I love every minute of it!

This week, we were so blessed to see and visit with President and
Sister Gilbert a lot. On Thursday, my companions and I flew to Busan
for a special Sister's Conference and Training! We were taught by
President and Sister Gilbert about being strong as women of God and as
women in the church. We had lunch all together and then were able to
watch the Young Women's Session of General Conference! Wow! I learned
so much! I was asked to sing a solo, and I played the piano and sang,
"I Stand All Amazed."

Then later, on Saturday, President and Sister Gilbert came to Jeju to
do interviews with my district, and on Sunday to church, for our
Branch Conference! Wow! It was so wonderful to be around them and
their strong spirits and learn so much from them! I am so blessed to
have them as my mission president and mission mom. They have truly
taught me and guided me through my whole mission in learning who I
really am as Heavenly Father's daughter and the strenght that I
possess by being a worthy, virtuous women. I am so extremely grateful
for them and their constant, self-less service to this mission and to
the Lord! What amazing examples to me of who and how I want to become!
I love them!

We also saw huge miracles this week when we went to church. We had one
less-active that we had visited the week before with the branch
president come to all three hours of church. And then after church,
when we had lunch together as a branch, another less-active showed up.
I don't think that she has attended church for the past few years or
so. I had met her once and she never talked to me, but yesterday, she
was talking to everyone and even talked to me and my companions! Wow!
What a miracle to see people coming back and finding the joy of the

My trainee and I, as we have been preparing for this next transfer,
have felt a strong desire to have a baptism in these next six weeks. I
have no idea who will be ready, or if we even know these people, but I
have a feeling that as we give it our all, are exactly obedient, and
give all of our love to this work, that we will find the people that
are ready!

This is God's work. This is the happiest and most amazing work in the
entire world. Jesus Christ lives and is our Savior. Through Him, we
can find true peace and happiness in this life, and have confidence
that we will be happy and live with our families in the life after. I
know that God knows us and loves us. He is our Father in Heaven. He
truly weeps with us when we weep, and finds joy with us when we have
joy. Through this gospel, I have found all confidence and joy and love
every moment that I have when I can share that with others.

I love each one of you and am so thankful for your love and support!
You each are such a special blessing in my life! I love you!


커시 자매
Sister Kersey

Letter #68


Well these last couple weeks have been kind of crazy. The work has
started slowing down, and many of our investigators have stopped
progressing or showing any interest in our messages. It has been sad,
but we have also met with some new people that turned out to be new
investigators! I don't know how interested they are at this point, but
we have people to work with and meet with!

It has been really interesting to see how my mission has turned a
little bit. I feel like these last few months of my mission are to
help lift and train the sisters in my zone before leaving. My whole
focus has been on my two trainees to make sure that they are
understanding what real missionary work is, making sure they are
seeing the blessings and joy of missionary work, and making sure that
they are progressing both knowledgeably and spiritually! It is so
humbling to see what type of missionaries they are becoming. They are
truly going to make a huge difference here in this mission! I have
full trust and confidence in them and what they possess! They are some
of the best sisters I have ever worked with. So hardworking, diligent,
full of love, willing to give themselves and be completely obedient!
What beautiful, noble, pure sisters!

These last two weeks, I have devoted my studies and thoughts to my
Savior Jesus Christ. Daily I have chosen a story about Him or His
teachings and studied His attributes to come to know Him more
thoroughly and personally! I have never had such a strong love for my
Savior and the perfect, sinless, beautiful life that He lived! He
truly lived a perfect life in every situation that He faced. I have
been able to recognize how I can take exactly what He did and apply it
into my daily life as well as into my character. I love my Savior and
know that He lives today! He is the perfect example of how to be happy
and how to live a Celestial life! I love Him!

I know this is the Lord's work! I am so humbled to be here serving as
His instrument! I love you all and am so thankful for your support for

커시 자매

Sister Kersey

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Letter #67


Where do I even begin? I feel so blessed with what happened this last
week here in Jeju! Just on Wednesday night, I had  one of the
best, probably the most memorable experience of my entire mission so
far. So about a month ago, when I was serving with just my Korean
trainee, I shared the experience about being out on the street
procelyting when I kept having a strong impression that I needed to go
home. I had no idea why I had this impression, but it kept coming back
over and over again. I tried to ignore it, telling myself that at
night we need to be out and that this was the perfect time to find new
people to teach and help. But the feeling still wouldn't go away.
Everywhere we seemed to walk on the streets, and every bus station
that we got too, people were just gone, or immediately would get on
the bus. Even huge groups of people. It was absolutely bizarre! So I
told my companion that I felt like we needed to be doing something
different, but I still refused to just go home. So we decided to go
start knocking doors at an apartment building. The entire time, I just
kept having weird feelings. We finally got to a door, rang the
doorbell, and immediately the doorbell broke! It just kept going off
for over a minute, then two, then three. It was so loud, and I knew
that the people that watched over the apartment would be mad at us for
breaking the doorbell and just being there in the first place. So I
took this as a sign that for some reason we needed to go home. So I
told my companion and we went home. We didn't have very much time when we returned home, but I had a strong impression that we needed to call old investigators. That is when we called the investigators from 2007 and I was able to set two appointments up for that following week to meet with them again. One of those appointments was with about a 35
year old woman who had taken all the discussions with the Elders back
in 2007. She has been meeting with Jehovah’s Witnesses every week to
study with them, and then attends a different church on Sunday. When I
had called her, she completely straight up told me that she was not
interested, and that she had a different religion now. I was impressed
that I needed to ask her if she had ever read the Book of Mormon, so I
did. She said that she had read it before, and I told her that because
of that book, my life had been completely changed and I know that I
had found the truth from that book. I then asked her if she would just
meet with us one time to read the book together. She agreed.

So later that week we met, and just answered a lot of questions that
she had about our church and things that she had heard. We then
explained a little about the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ
on the Earth, and asked her to start reading the Book of Mormon on her
own. She agreed. Later that week, we invited her to a branch party and
she came. One of the sisters in the branch, after the party, came up
to me and told me that she had a really good feeling about this
woman and to not give up on her.

So this last week we had the opportunity to meet with her again. Right
when she walked into the room, I could tell that she was different.
She pulled out her Book of Mormon and we asked her if she was able to
read any of it. She said that she had read the testimony of Joseph
Smith. We then asked her if she had any questions. She asked us if
there was a hell. I was surprised at her question, but was thrilled
because my trainees and I had just prepared to teach her that day the
Plan of Salvation. So I told her that we wanted to teach her about
God's plan for her and His children and that we would answer that
question as we taught. She agreed! We then asked her to start us with
an opening prayer. The last time we had met with her, she had only
prayed a few times in her whole life. We were shocked when she agreed
to pray, prayed a beautiful prayer, and then said that she has been
praying daily since meeting with us!

So then we started in with our lesson. Our lesson was completely
amazing! I felt like I had never taught so clearly and with the spirit
so strongly in my entire mission. And my Korean trainee who struggled
so much even understanding the plan of Salvation and had no testimony
of it, taught absolutely beautifully and clearly. Then my new American
trainee, just that morning during district meeting had found a
scripture that was almost completely off topic for the lesson but had
a great feeling about sharing it with her. I also had a great feeling,
but didn't really know how it was going to tie in. But as we discussed
everything about the plan, my American trainee shared the scripture,
and it just completely made everything make even more sense! And it
helped tie in the Doctrine of Christ and the Restoration perfectly
with the Plan of Salvation! It was incredible! And the spirit was so
strong that you could cut it with a knife! We were able to perfectly
describe a doctrine, using scriptures and testimony, that would then
lead her to thinking of a question that just happened to lead us
perfectly into the next topic! She was so excited about the things
that she was learning and I could tell that it was sinking deep within
her. And when she was confused about something she had learned
differently in her other churches, we were able to pull out the
scriptures in both the Bible and Book of Mormon that help testify of
the doctrine that we had been teaching simply and boldly!

So after teaching her about the plan, she was completely amazed and
dumbfounded. She started telling us that she believed what we had told
her to be true and that at this time she was really trying to find the
truth. We listened to her and then I bore my testimony of how I came
to know that this plan was true and of God. I have never in my life
born a testimony so bold, clear, and simple. The Spirit was
over-powering and my companions just looked at me in disbelief! I
never knew how much I truly, truly believed in this gospel until I was
able to bare such a simple but strong testimony with the Spirit to
someone looking so diligently for the truth. Wow! I know with every
fiber of my being that what I have taught her and what I believe to be
true! There is no doubt in my mind!

After baring this testimony, I told her that if she prayed with real
intent, she could come to know this to be completely true. She
explained to me that she believed that, but she didn't know how God
could speak to her. We explained that it would be through her own
personal, unique ways, for example feelings or thoughts. She then
suddenly opened up to us about a dream that she had had just one or
two months ago, right before we had called that first night and asked
her to meet. She said that in her dream she saw my face. It was so
distinct and clear, but she had not remembered the dream until I was
teaching her and baring my testimony to her. She said that in her
dream, she had seen my face (even though we had never met before) and I
reached out and took her hand. Then she said that we were trying to
walk somewhere together, but when she tried to walk, she noticed that
we were hovering in the air right above the ground. She said that when
she looked down on the floor, it was covered in snakes. She with her
hand in mine, I lead her in between the snakes. We kept jumping over
the snakes together.

I was completely floored with I heard about this, and I then told her
about my extremely strong feeling about coming home that night and
calling her. I told her that I knew that God was talking to her in
that dream and that it was important for her to meet me and my
companions to teach her of the truth that she had been searching for
for years. She agreed that she believes it was God telling her
something. And I explained to her that what she was feeling right now
was also God telling her that what we had taught her was truth. She
explained that she had such a special feeling at that moment that she
had never before felt in her life!

When she finally left, my companions and I were completely overwhelmed
with love for her and thankfulness for our Father in Heaven. We
immediately prayed together and thanked God for the truth that we have
and that we have the opportunity to share that with other of God's
children who are searching for that truth and direction! My companions
and I were all so humbled by the spirit that was with us that taught
through us exactly to this woman's needs. And it was amazing to also
see my companions change when they recognized their own testimonies
that they too can see that they possess! I really truly do know that
God knows us each individually, uniquely and perfectly! He loves us
and knew us and does really talk to us and speak through us!

After this experience it was so interesting to also see the huge
opposing force that flooded into our lives. The way that Satan tries
to work in the minds of Heavenly Father's servants to not feel good
enough or question their testimonies. My companions and I were able to
notice this and recognize this opposing force right away. But I am
grateful that we are able to recognize these things, help each other
recognize these things, and then come together in prayer, even on the
side of the road, to bring the spirit back into our lives and help us
get back to the Lord's work!

We also were able to meet with one of our younger investigators that
are in middle school. We met her at the bus stop at the begining of
last transfer with my Korean trainee and have been teaching her ever
since. Right before this new transfer started, she introduced her
younger brother to us and we referred him to the Elders. So now she
meets with us and him with the Elders. Yesterday they both came to
church, and after church we both had separate lessons with the two of
them. My companions and I had been talking with her about baptism the
last two times we had met, and she said that she wanted to receive it,
but right before she died. We were not planning on bringing it up
again, but the Spirit directed me otherwise. I asked her if she had
been thinking about what we had taught her about baptism. She said
yes. Then our member who was with us teaching her started to explain
how amazing baptism is because of the opportunity to receive the Holy
Ghost. Because of this member and her strong testimony, we were able
to again talk about baptism openly and before she left gave her a
baptismal date for June 16th. Little did we know that later when we
talked to our Elders that they had met with her younger brother just
after church at the same time we had met with her, and had given him
the same exact baptismal date! I don't think that was any sort of

I know that Heavenly Father loves us and I know that He truly directs
this work. I am so extremely humbled and thankful for this opportunity
to be His instrument in bringing this gospel to all of the people of
the world that are searching for the truth! I know that this gospel is
for everyone! It blesses and can bless every person's unique,
individual life!

I love you all!
커시 자매
Sister Kersey

Letter #66


WOW!!! What an incredible week of miracles!!! I cannot even tell you
have extremely humbled and grateful I am for what a special week this
last week was! The feelings of complete love and almost a celestial
living were incredible! I absolutely love having this opportunity to
train two wonderful sister missionaries! What a blessing in my life!

This week we had two occurances where someone from the street saw our
church and came in looking around. We were able to give one a church
tour and the other came yesterday about ten minutes before church
started. She is Korean, but from Russia. She has been learning Korean
for about three years and was visiting Jeju for vacation. We were able
to teach her the Restoration with a member during church. She attends
a different church in Russia, but as we taught, the spirit was
absolutely overwhelming! She completely understood all that we had
explained and practically stole my Book of Mormon, that was in my hand,
away to look at it. After our lesson we told her thank you and asked for
her for her information to give the missionaries in Russia. She is moving back
to Russia so did not have inforation to give us, but was so excited to
find our church again and find the Book of Mormon, in Russian, when she
gets back! She told us thank you so many times and kept telling us
what a peaceful and special feeling she had while meeting with us! She
recognized the spirit and the truthfulness of our message!
I have no doubt that she will find our church again when she goes back
to Russia and will be able to learn the lessons in her first language.
What a special experience and a testimony to me and my two companions!

Throughout my mission, I never been moved upon by the spirit so
directly in how to do missionary work, as I have been this past week.
Even last night I had a distint feeling that we needed to go visit a
member, and that we needed to visit her before we visited a bunch of
other people we had planned to see for the rest of the evening. We brought
her family cookies, said hello, and left. We then started for our
appointments. We had planned to go see an old investigator at her home
and try setting an appointment up with her to meet with the
missionaries again. The missionaries have been trying to meet with her
again for about 4 or 5 years now with no success. As we got
to her apartment, we saw a woman walking out of the elevator. We said
hello and headed up to the apartment. Suddenly that same woman came
running after us and asked us if we were looking for her. We asked her
her name and it was her! We were both shocked and to our even
bigger surprize was that she set up an appointment to meet with us

These are just a few stories of the amazing miracles that we
have been receiving this last week! It is so incredibly amazing and
humbling to be the Lord's tool here in this beautiful area! I feel so
extremely blessed! I know that this is the Lord's work and that He
truly walks with us and does the work with us when we are exactly
obedient and love others in the way that He loves them! I love you all
and how you have a great week!


커시 자매
Sister Kersey

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Letter #65


Oh it was so fun to talk to you all today!!!! That just simply made mywhole day! :) I feel like we just talked on Christmas though....timeflies by so, so fast! It is a bad combination when the time keepsgoing by so quickly, but your interest and love for the work justkeeps getting stronger and stronger! I guess I will just never beready to go home!

This week was crazy! Being in Busan for about half of the week was funto see all the other missionaries and work back in my old areas! Wegot to meet the new trainees and they were all so full ofenergy and fire! Wow! I have never seen such an excited group come! Ithink it was really, truly revelation to have 19 year old sistersstart serving missions....they are so full of life, and energy, andjust have a HUGE desire to learn and make a difference! I was able towork with three of the new sisters in a proselyting activity on thesubway and at Busan University! The first girl that I worked with wasan American sister from Missouri who actually was born in Sacramentoand has relatives that used to live in Rancho Cordova! We got alongright away, and when we worked together, in just fifteen minutes, wereceived three contacts from people! I loved working with her and hada feeling that she would be my new trainee....and sure enough, thenext day it was announced that I would be training her! She and I wereboth so excited! I feel like I am serving with me....we are sosimilar! She is already doing so well and I can tell that she is goingto make a HUGE difference here! She is just so excited to do the work,so full of love for Korean people and the culture, and so dedicated todoing the work of the Lord!

In our three-some companionship, with my Korean trainee and nowAmerican trainee, it is a total blast and challenges to try to helpboth of them with their completely separate needs. They are both sosweet and both so patient with each other and the language barrior. Iwas so worried that my Korean trainee would feel left out all the timewith two American companions and her not being able to speak anyEnglish, but I just translate for her and so that she can always bepart of the fun! And even when I am not around, they always find a wayto communicate with one another and have become great friends! I lovejust sitting back and watching them both learn in their own personalfindings and struggles! They are both so kind and patient and full oflove. I don't think I have ever been so tired, but so happy my entiremission!!! :) The feeling with the three of us is something I havenever experienced! We are literally like a family!

So while I was in Busan for training, I suddenly saw a woman and herdaughters from an old ward that I had served in. Back when I servedthere, she and her daughters were less-active and my companions and Itried to visit with them once a week. Before I even saw her, they sawme and came running up to talk to me! They were so happy to see me andinvited me to have dinner with them. Because of the training activitywe were doing, I couldn't meet with them for dinner, but I wascompletely shocked that they even remembered me....and on top of thatthat they wanted to talk to me! I found out later that after I leftthat ward, the mom quit her job and the family started going back tochurch!

Another special experience that I had this week was with a wardmember. After my two companions and I got back to Jeju, we went out todinner with a member that is in her late twenties. We ate dinner andin the restaurant shared a message that I had been prompted to sharewith her. It was on studying the Book of Mormon. During our lesson,she started to cry and said that it always seemed to be that we alwaysshare with her the exact message that she needed to hear. On the carride home, she told me that when she first met me a few months ago,she felt something very different around me. She said that she hadtalked to her fiancé about that as well, and he had the sameimpression. She said that she feels that she would want to be myfriend for her whole life, even after I go back from my mission. Ihave a feeling that one of the biggest reasons that I came to Jeju wasto find her and be her friend throughout the rest of our lives....evenhalf a world away! Experiences like these help me to know that all thehard work that I have been doing throughout this last year and fewmonths is never over-looked and is all worth it.

This morning while on the bus, a woman sat next to my new trainee. Shefinally got up the courage to talk to her, even though she knew thatshe could not understand anything this woman was saying and that shecould barely speak back to the woman. As she talked to this woman, shestarted to introduce her to the Book of Mormon, something that we hadjust gone over how to do the day before in training study. She endedup giving this lady a Book of Mormon! The first time that she hadproselyte here in Jeju, and the absolute first time that she had doneit by herself! And after getting off the bus, this woman gave us herphone number and said that she would meet with us later! This is justa huge testimony builder to me that the Lord will use His servants todo this work. Those that are chosen will be able to do this worksimply through faith on the Savior Jesus Christ. It all comes down tohaving more faith in Him and doing what we have been called todo....preach His gospel!

This is the Lord's work and I know that it is moving forward! I knowthat this gospel is true...that is the only way that we can see themiracles that we see each and every day!

I love you all! Have a great week!

커시 자매

Sister Kersey

Letter #64


Happy Mother's Day this week and Happy Birthday Daddy!!! :)

Well I am actually e-mailing right now from our mission office in Busan! I have been called and asked to continue training my new missionary companion, but also train a brand new missionary coming from the MTC!!! So I flew into Busan this morning and had training meetings today, and will be here until Thursday this week! This should be an absolute blast this next transfer training two new missionaries! I also will now be over nine sisters in my zone! This should be a great next transfer! I am so excited about it, but very humbled by this call! I hope that I can be the leader that this mission needs me to be to train the new missionaries coming in at this exciting time in history!!! 

This last week, my companion and I were able to see a miracle! There is this less-active member in our branch that I have been trying to meet for two transfers now. We had scheduled to go visit her this one evening, but our plans were running behind and it was getting late. We had a little bit of time, and I felt that we should just try to see if she would be home! To our complete surprise, she was home!!! And she let us in. We sat with her and ate food and talked to her about her family and her life. She told us that she really struggles with faith and feels inadequate at church, so refuses to go on Sunday! Her husband and some of her family are not members, so it is hard for her to live the gospel standards in her home. Her family members were there, and we had the opportunity to meet them. They were so kind and we had a great time meeting with them. We shared with her a scripture about giving thanks through prayer. After reading the scripture, she shared her thoughts, and I could see her faith and how strong it was! I told her that she really does have so much faith, and she lighted up like a light-bulb! She was so happy! Her whole demeanor changed! What a beautiful miracle! I have a feeling that we will be able to see this family again really soon and hopefully help the mom see her potential and help the rest of the family learn about the gospel!

We also met with our young investigator along with one of our members this week, to teach her about faith, repentence, and baptism! We invited her to be baptized and she said that she really wanted to be....but later in her life. We invited her to invite her brother to our church, on Saturday, for a special branch party that we were having! They both came and had a great time! We also had one other investigator come and another girl that we found at the Jeju University a few days before! It was a great turn-out and the branch members loved the party! There was food, and games, and the missionaries in our district did a skit of a missionaries' day in the field, had a tap dance from one of the elders, and lots of songs and short movie clips! It was great! The elders really planned the whole thing and did a great job! It was a blast!

The work on Jeju is going great and I feel so blessed with the miracles that we have been seeing here! I am especially blessed to see how completely changed my companion has become and that she is really turning into a fantastic missionary! What a huge blessing to see this!

I love missionary work! I know that this is the time for the work to move forward! There are so many missionaries coming and this is truly the time to harvest the field really is white! And what a beautiful blessing to be here helping this work move forward! I love you all!

커시 자매

Sister Kersey