Monday, April 30, 2012

Letter #16

First of all I just want to thank everyone for their wonderful emails this past week and the uplifting words of advice and love! I love you all and it really means so much to me to hear from all of you and know what is going on in your lives! Also, I want to thank all for the cards and letters I received in the mail! Oh my I was so happy! It was like a party pulling them out of the mailbox and reading them! It felt like home! Most wonderful feeling ever! I am so sad to hear about Grandma Suzie! That just about broke my heart. I will pray for her and for the whole family! I know that Heavenly Father loves her and all will be well and the way He has planned.
This week was absolutely amazing! Words cannot express the feelings of my heart right now! Heavenly Father has blessed my companion and I with miracles and blessings like never before. I feel so extremely humbled and blessed beyond discription. On Saturday, we had our big project that we have been working on - the Questions of the Soul. We got up Saturday morning and the weather was absolutely beautiful, which is a blessing in and of itself because here in Korea the weather is good one day and then down-pouring the next. We knew right away that we were going to have a great day! Our district showed up in 통영 and we all went to lunch and then to the church to pray and to get the stuff to set up. One set of Elders brought one of their English class members with them that is interested in the church. She is a high school aged girl and my companion and I immediately took her under our wing. We explained to her what we were doing and introduced her to the Book of Mormon and then we were off! We set out our stand outside of Lotte Mart, the busiest grocery store in 통영 and started talking to people! The outcome was incredible! Better than I could have ever imagined!!!! We being in a small city were not expecting the numbers that we recieved! We were out for three hours and we gave away 25 copies of the Book of Mormon, all with testimonies in them from our ward members and other missionaries, and received 41 contacts!!! We were blown away! Some of the other areas that have tried doing this project would be in busy cities and stay out all day and only hand out a few books and receive a few numbers! It was truly a miracle!
So our project was a complete success and on top of it all, four of our ward members showed up to help us! It was exactly my vision that I received that first week here in this area! They came dressed up in suits and ties and were right in with us talking with people and opening the Book of Mormon! It was incredible to interact with them and see them with the people of their community! What a blessing! My companion and I were smiling ear to ear and were so thankful!
On Sunday, President and Sister Gilbert came to our ward to speak and visit. We were absolutely shocked when we walked in and the room was completely full! Normally we have about 23 people come to church, but yesterday we had 43! Our mouths completely dropped! People in our ward had brought their family and friends that were interested in learning about our church! So our hands were immediately full - we had six non-members there and one less active! Our ward members then spoke all during church about how much they love my companion and I and started crying thanking us for the impact we have had on them! We were shocked to see this and my companion said that she has never had anything like this happen before.
After sacrament meeting we taught a class to three of the non-members that stayed. We had four members of our ward join us and taught about the Restoration, Joseph Smith, and the Book of Mormon. The spirit was so extremely strong and I knew at that moment once again that our church was true and that this gospel really is Jesus Christ's restored gospel here on the Earth! What a miracle!
President and Sister Gilbert are so blown away with what is happening here and they both commented on the special feeling here in this city and with these people. She told us and our ward that she thinks she will be coming back a lot because she can feel the miracles that are going to happen and she sees many baptisms that will be occuring! I hope she is right. Our schedule for this upcoming week is already very full and we are nervous for the space we will have with these new potential investigators and the 41 contacts that we still need to call! The work here is incredible and I feel so blessed to be a part of it!
This last week, Sister McComber told me about a man that she and her former companion met on the streets. They just happened to run into him and he was a former investigator with the Elders. We contacted him so that we could set up an appointment to see him, but he was always too busy. Finally, he asked us if we would come by the high school that he teaches at and speak to his English class. On Friday night we went to the school and I felt prompted before we left the house to bring three extra copies of the Book of Mormon. When we were teaching the class, he asked us to teach about our church. I was shocked! We taught about the Book of Mormon and how it answers all of the questions of our soul. We testified of why we are here and of Jesus Christ. We gave the Book of Mormons that I brought for each student and there was exactly enough! This man then said that he would be interested in meeting with us again! Yet again, another miracle!
I feel so blessed and could go on and on about the miracles that are here and that come by missionary work! It is amazing and so humbling! I am so happy to be a representative of Jesus Christ and to have the opportunity to bring the gospel to others. It blesses my life each day and brings me joy and happiness that is unexplainable! I know that this gospel is Jesus Christ's restored gospel. I know that He lives and that He loves us and is with us. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that it does answer every question that we may have in this life! I know that we have God's power here on the Earth today and instruction from him from our prophet Thomas S. Monson. I am so humbled by the love and support I feel from each one of you everyday. I can feel the prayers you pray in my behalf and I am so extremely grateful! They make the biggest difference in the world!
I love you all! Have a wonderful week!
I wanted to send more pictures of the project and of Korea but I forgot my camera at my apartment this morning. I promise more next week!
커시 자매
Sister Kersey

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