Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Letter #13

안 녕 하 세 요!
Wow! What a week! First of all I just want to thank all of you for your emails and uplifting words to me! That meant the absolute world to hear from all of you and they truly have inspired me. Thank you Aunt Cindy, Melinda, Grandma and Grandpa, and of course Mom and Dad! I love you all so much!
This week flew by! I feel like I was just sitting down to email and now a whole week has already flown by! This week started off a bit rough because my companion and I had absolutely no one to teach and had dropped two investigators the week I came in. So we were pretty much starting from scratch. We had a lot of proselyting and street contacting to do and just searching for people that want to hear about the gospel. It was amazing to me to see the miracles that happened throughout the week and the people that Heavenly Father placed in our path.
On Saturday night, my companion told me that on Saturdays we usually don't have much success in finding and talking to people because they are all busy and off to different places. To me, I took this as a challenge and as an advantage - even more people to talk to and practice my Korean on. We were going to bus stops and talking with people and having no success, when a man came up to us and started to talk to us about who we were. We had a great discussion with him and when I offered him the Book of Mormon, his eyes lite up! He accepted it gladly and practically gave me his contact information so that he could learn more. He was so touched by our message and the thoughtfulness of our gift that he told us to wait there and brought us back food (which is typical of Korean culture. No matter if you give them a small piece of candy, they feel that they have to give you something back in return. I love it! They are the kindest, most giving people in the whole world). After talking with this man, within the same hour, we met a young woman who accepted the book and gave her contact information to us freely as well. It was amazing and my companions face was full of shock. I just smiled and said "I told you so!" Haha!
I absolutely love it here in Korea! There is absolutely nothing that I don't love about the Korean people and their culture! Including the Food...Oh my gosh, it is absolutely DELICIOUS! (And I am not just saying that! It is!) I think Heavenly Father helped my taste buds to change very fast because everything that I have had so far at dinner appointments is delicious! (But then again I haven't had fish yet...).
During the week, there was a woman that invited us to dinner that has questions about our church. She is a young mom and loves having our company. She had invited her neighbor and her children to eat dinner with us. After the meal, the neighbor started asking us about our church and why we had traveled all the way from America to Korea to be missionaries. My companion and I then taught an overview of the first lesson on the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and introduced her to the Book of Mormon. The spirit was so strong and as we taught, all sitting on the floor surrounded by children, I could feel of Heavenly Father's love for each of these women. It was so strong and I knew that we were in the exact place that we needed to be at that moment. My companion, after leaving, told me that the spirit had never been there before while teaching this woman, but tonight it had. She felt that there was some reason that I needed to be there to teach this woman. I was shocked to hear that, but I knew that there was no place I would rather be then with that family at that time. It was a very special experience for me and I am excited and anxious to see where it is going to go.
There have been countless miracles that we have seen this past week! I am so humbled to see them and experience them everyday. Upon entering 통 영 , I felt that it needed the Book of Mormon, and that has been our focus. So far we have been priviledged to keep up that goal and give out at least a Book of Mormon a day! I just have a desire for every person here in this town to have a Book of Mormon in their home and learn from it the way I have and still have in my life! I know that it is God's words to his children on the earth and that it has answers to every person's individual questions all throughout their lives. It has given me guidence and direction, and answers in my life that I would not have been able to find anywhere else! I want everyone to recieve that peace that I have from it and experience the joy that it brings.
I am so extremely grateful to be here as the Lord's servant. I have learned this past week that this work can either be really depressing and difficult, or it can be fun and challenging! It all depends on two things: your attitude and your obedience. I have seen this happen this last week. As my companion and I are exactly obedient in all that we do, we stay positive and all the miracles happen. People start coming to us and we stop having to look for them. I love this work! I know it is true! I know that we can all be the Lord's instruments if we are obedient and trust in Him. He will direct all of our paths and bring us more joy than we can find anywhere else in this world!
I love you all and hope you have a wonderful Easter and a fun week!
사 랑 해 요!
커 시  자 매 (Sister Kersey)

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