Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Letter #17


So I feel on cloud nine right now having just talked to my family!!! Iam so blessed! I cannot express in words how blessed I feel for myfamily who are my absolute best friends and biggest examples in mylife! I love you all and I am so grateful for each one of you! Thankyou!!! For everything!

These past two weeks have been crazy. On Monday my trainer and I wentto Busan to pick up a new companion for this transfer. So now I am ina three-some, just like the MTC! It is really crazy that they put usall together especially since I am still training. Now I feel like aREAL missionary! I love it! My new companion's name is Sister Kent,which was one of my best friends in the MTC. She is brand new to Koreatoo, just in her third transfer, so it has been wonderful to learn thelanguage together. I am learning much faster with her here! It is sucha blessing! I now talk to people on the streets all by myself withouthelp from my trainer and I have been loving the challenge! Both SisterMcComber and Sister Kent think it is so funny how blunt I am withpeople! Haha I love it!

This last week was a hard one. One of our investigators dropped us.Last week we visited her with one of our members and the lesson waswonderful, but this week she just kept saying that she couldn'tbelieve that there was a God. It was really hard for Sister McComberand I because we were so close to her and knowing that her currentsituation was not a good one with her husband was hard for us not tohelp her. But we keep praying for her and we know that she will beprotected because she is special to her Heavenly Father!
We also met with our investigator from the Phillapeans. She had somany questions about the gospel and even gave away one of her Book ofMormons to her sister-in-law to study too. She has been doing a lot ofresearch on our church and had so many questions. We went to lunch andanswered her question about how she and her family could be saved. Wetaught her from the Book of Mormon and the spirit was so strong. Shehas such strong faith in Jesus Christ and I know that the gospel willbless her life!

Last Sunday, a less-active family came back to church after years ofmissionaries trying to get ahold of them. They invited my companionand I to dinner on Saturday, and before we left, I invited them tochurch. I thought for sure they wouldn't come, but was shocked at theend of sacrament meeting to see the ward members flocking towards thembecause they hadn't seen them in so long! Everyone was so pleased andcould not believe their eyes! It was a complete miracle!

I am so excited for this work! I love everyday! It is so wonderful! Iam so blessed to be here and for this opportunity. Everyday I wake upand cannot wait to get out on the streets to talk to people and tellthem that there is a Jesus Christ and that there is a God that lovesthem and knows them! This work is true! This gospel is true! Jesus isthe Christ and he loves us. He loves us so much that he sacrificed Hislife for each one of us! I love Him and am so grateful for Him! I knowHe lives!

I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

커시 자매Sister Kersey

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