Monday, April 16, 2012

Letter #14

This week was really busy and fun. My companion and I gave a lesson to a woman that we met on the street from the Phillapeans. She has been here in Korea for the past five years and was Catholic before moving here. She does not know Korean well and she attends her husband's church but has a hard time understanding what they are saying. When we introduced her to the Book of Mormon she was immediately interested and asked tons of questions. We taught her about Joseph Smith and the spirit that filled her home was overwhelming. She misses talking about Jesus Christ and is happy to have that back in her life again. She promised to read and I am excited to meet with her again this week to see what she has learned.
Two of the other investigators that we are teaching read the Book of Mormon this week which was really exciting. They all say that it is so hard to understand and had a lot of questions. We are trying to focus on getting them to liken the scriptures and what they read to themselves. We tried reading with one investigator and it worked well. I know that the Book of Mormon is the converting tool and the way to understand our church and the reality of Joseph Smith.
My companion and I spend a lot of time on the streets talking to people and going door-to-door looking for people that want to hear our message. We have been trying to think of different ideas that we can do to talk to as many people as we can and get them to know about the gospel. Another part of the mission had put together an activity and we want to try it here in 통영. What they did was put a table covered in paper with pens on the street with a sign that says, "If you could ask God one question, what would it be?" We talked to our mission president and his wife about doing this activity here with our district and they were thrilled. They put my companion and I in charge and asked us to get more ideas of what we could do on the streets. It has been amazing to see the impact that this call has been on my companion and I. We have had amazing experience on the streets and in our study of the Book of Mormon. We have thought of questions that people may ask God and we have been able to find ALL of them in the Book of Mormon! It is crazy! This book really is a book of answers to questions of the soul!
When people come to the table with their questions, we want to be prepared to teach them from the Book of Mormon - what better teacher?! We want to help them find their answer and help them see that they can find any answer to any question that they have. We have ordered boxes and boxes of Book of Mormons and before this activity started, the mission president felt inspired to order more boxes of Book of Mormons from Salt Lake - he didn't know why. It is wonderful to see how the spirit has influenced so many in this project.  
Many other activities and ideas have come from preparing to do this activity. We have been able to ask people on the street what question they would ask God and then teach them right there. My companion and I have tried looking at people and trying to quess what question they would have - it takes us just a moment and then we look at each other and say the same thing almost every time! I feel so humbled to be able to recognize what so many people need to learn and what they are struggling with. Last night after getting off the phone with Sister Gilbert, she asked us to prepare to teach this to the other missionaries for a conference that is coming up. She has been taught by what we are doing and the impact that it is having on this city. She was full of chills at the miracles that we told her that were coming from this project and our studies. I can see a vision of all the missionaries using this technique of knowing where to find answers for those on the streets and investigators in the Book of Mormon and letting it teach them! What if we did that for everyone? How powerful that would be!!! So my companion and I started thinking and realized that we should try to do this ourselves since we are asking others. So last night, we thought about our questions of our souls and then asked eachother what we thought the other person would want to know. It was incredible to see that we were both completely right about each other. Now we are just trying to find those answers! SO COOL!!! I love it! I also want to ask you the same question, "If you could ask God any question, what would it be?" Think about that question and pray about it to Heavenly Father and then find it in the Book of Mormon. I promise you that you will find it and God will give you that answer. Also, I would ask you to help me think of other questions, or share with me your questions, so that I can prepare more to help those that I come in contact with. I would love to hear from all of you! That would mean so much for me!
Anyway this is about what is going on here! We are busy and loving every day! I love being able to talk to people everyday and just putting a smile on their face makes the biggest difference in my world!
I know this gospel is true! I am so humbled to be Jesus Christ's representative here on the earth and to help others become happy through the truth and through His atonement. I am grateful to be here among the Korean people! They are wonderful and I love them so much! I love you all and am so thankful for you!
Have a wonderful week!
커시 자매 (Sister Kersey) 

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