Thursday, April 5, 2012

Letter #11

Here is a short note from Britanie.  She left for Korea on Monday and was able to make a short phone call home from the airport. It was so great to hear her voice again!  She flew from Salt Lake, to Seattle, to Japan, and finally to Korea. When she called, she said that she had a cold and was having trouble with pain and pressure in her ears, and that she couldn't equalize them, but she sounded excited and happy!  Here is her note home.

Mom it was so amazing to hear from you yesterday! I have made it to Busan and I cannot express to you how much I absolutely already LOVE it here! It is amazing and I already feel at home! The Gilberts are wonderful - Sister Gilbert and I are so much the same it is crazy! She is wonderful and so adventurous! I am so sorry I didnt call dad and ashley...I feel way bad because I didnt have time :( Tell them I love them so so much and am so sorry!
Mom that is crazy about Emma's doll weird! I guess it is meant to be. The name in Korean is Nari (pronounced Nardie)!
Well I only had a minute to email to just let you know that I made it and that I am feeling much better - thank goodness! Thank you for your prayers! I seriously cannot believe that I am here and how amazing this place is! You all would just love it so so much!
I love you and will email in a week...and you should be getting my letters in the mail this week though! I love you all so so much! I wish that you could be here with me in this AMAZING place! It is so wonderful and I CANT wait to get to work!
I love you all!

ps and ash thank you for the absolutely BEAUTIFUL scarf! It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! I could feel your love so much in it and just wrapped up in it! Thank you! and I wrote you back finally so it should be coming in the mail!
I love you all!!! Have a wonderful week!

(The part about the doll is that Emma got a Korean American Girl Doll for her birthday and she wanted Britanie to name her a Korean Name.  It ended up that Emma had been calling her doll, Lilly without realizing that the name that Britanie told her to name the Doll, Nari, in English means Lilly!)

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