Monday, November 12, 2012

Letter #41

WOW what a week! I feel like Heavenly Father has really been trying to teach me lately, and I just have to be patient and let Him mold me. This week was much better then last week. The work is still slow, but I have seen miracles that I cannot even describe. I have seen hearts softened and changed and even myself changed. I just wanted to thank you all for your love and support and prayers, especially this last week! Words cannot express my gratitude and the love that I feel. Thank you!
This week, I received a text message from an investigator, 박 자매님, that I have not been able to meet with for a few transfers now. Her mother was sick and in the hospital in Seoul and she had been with her. She gave me a text message telling me that she was coming back to Busan this week and wanted to meet on Saturday. She also talked with Sister Brady, my old companion that taught the lessons with me and said that she knows that our church is true, that the Book of Mormon is true, and she wants to finish the lessons and be baptized! I am so excited to meet with her! She has become one of my very dear friends, and there is nothing that would make me and her happier than to have her be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost, especially right now with all the things that she is struggling with.
We also spent a lot of time this week with our recent convert in our ward, 김 자매님. She was really upset because the business that she had been working for ended up being a fraud and the guy that she was starting to date was just trying to use her to get money from that business. She has not been attending church, and has been having so many trust issues. I had an impression that we needed to teach her the first lesson this week. We met, and taught her and watched the Restoration DVD with her. It touched her heart and her testimony was strengthened dramatically. She explained that she didn't know why people questioned our faith, because to her it just made complete sense! Her testimony is so strong and she is such a unique person and has also become one of my closest friends here in the mission. We met again last night, because I felt that I needed to ask her if she wanted to study the Book of Mormon together. She was having a really hard time, and I was prompted to share with her the scripture that God will never leave us comfortless. I told her that she may not trust anyone right now, but she can trust God and he will comfort her mind, heart, and spirit. She told us that she wished that she could see God, but she knows that we are like Him right now and He sent us to her. That hit me. I realized that missionaries really are God's representatives and that we are acting in Jesus' name everyday. What a humbling realization. I am so thankful for this opportunity.
I feel that I learned so much this week and have been really strengthened by prayers and by my Father in Heaven. I especially learned the power of love and charity. Jesus Christ himself set the most perfect example of how to love and how to never judge. He taught us to understand others and love them. Even love those who hate us, despise us, or use us. I realized that in missionary work, as well as in life, if we have love, the same love that Christ has, we will be able to help others, lift others, and feel of God's love for us even stronger. At our service project this week, in old-folks' home, I love just taking the little grandmas in their wheelchairs around in a walking circle. This is something that I do everyweek, but did not realize the impact that it was having on these old lonely women. One of the women that I always push around, was not in her wheelchair when I first got to the hospital. She was laying in her bed. I walked up to her and said hello and asked her how she was. She started whimpering in pain and took my hand and held it to her cheek (a sign she always gives of her love and affection). She was in so much pain and I kept telling her that she was ok. She kept reaching for my hand and holding it on her cheek again. I realized that it was through service and love that this woman knew me and recognized me. It was through this project, just a few hours that completely changed my companion's heart and opened her up to start to love.
I believe in the power of love. If we truly love all those around us as Christ himself would love, we will be able to influence hundreds of thousands of people in our lives. And the even bigger blessing, is that our love for ourselves will grow, and for our Savior will grow. Because, if we strive to be like Him, we truly will recognize His face when we see Him!
I love each and every one of you! Thank you for your love for me! Have a fantastic week!
커시 자매
Sister Kersey

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