Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Letter #38

WOW!!!! What a crazy last week! My companion ended up getting a transfer call on Thursday like we were expecting and is being transfered. We went to the mission office this morning and I picked up my new companion who is a KOREAN!!!!! My first Korean companion! I am SOOOO excited! I am going to learn SOOO much Korean this transfer. Between her and the Elders in our area, I will only be speaking Korean. This is going to be so fun and I can't wait to see how a Korean works! She just finished being trained and is still a brand new missionary with a lot of fire...which is so nice because I always seem to have a lot of fire that sometimes drives my companions crazy haha! Because she is a new missionary, today was the first time I was able to meet her. She is just like me, but in Korean form and is the sweetest thing I have ever met. She and I get along great! I can see great things happening this transfer!
Something that I wasn't expecting happened on Friday when I got a call from the 연산 sisters (the area that I used to serve in before 금정). They told me that President Gilbert has taken all of the sisters out of that area and they asked me to take their investigators (my old investigators) back again. I was shocked and I asked for President to call me so that I could talk with him directly. He did call, and when I asked him about the move, he informed me that I would be over both of the areas. He said that whichever area needs me more, that is where I need to be. Our house is completely in the middle of both areas which makes it very convenient for this new calling. I was so surprised, and asked what I needed to do about the investigators and all the classes over there. He told me that I could do whatever I wanted and whatever I felt that needed to be done. I was surprised at the trust that he had in me and felt very humbled by this experience. I am SO excited to be working back in 연산 again! I miss my investigators and the ward there. So between the two areas, our week is already completely full!!!! Good thing I am great at time management. All of my previous companions that heard this new said that it is good that I am a good planner and can fit anything into a schedule! It is kind of stressful though...but I would rather be busy than bored! I am happy and excited for this challenge and adventure, and now I can see that I have the PERFECT companion to do this with! She is exactly what these areas need!
On Saturday, I was priviledged to go to the 연산 Bishop's son's wedding. A whole group of missionaries sang Beauty and the Beast for the wedding and it was a hit (both in Korean and English). The wedding was beautiful and the bride and groom's parents were wearing their Korean Traditional outfits that are absolutely beautiful! It was so fun for me to see all of the 연산 ward members again and they said that they missed me so much. I some of them that I would be working in their area again, and they were so excited! I never realize all the relationships that I have with people, until I get to see them again! This is just such an awesome experience to be here making such special relationships with people, even of a different culture and language!
After the wedding, I rushed to our building in 금정 for an open house that our ward had put on. It was so help the missionaries get more people to teach. They put together beautiful signs for the rooms in the building describing what we do in the church and the activities that we have. They also had food for people to buy outside of the church, with free clothes. The elders, my companion, and I went with the young men and women around to ask people on the streets to come see our church and take a tour. It was a blast! Then on Sunday, something completely unexpected happened!!! When I first arrived in the 금정 ward, I could tell right away that the ward had no interest in the missionaries and no respect for us. I was shocked by this and had never been in a ward like this before. President told me at the beginning of the transfer that this ward had a problem with missionaries in the past. This made it really hard for me to talk with the members and they seemed to want nothing to do with me or my companion or the Elders. It is a HUGE ward, especially for Korean - 110 members and was really intimidating at first. No matter how many times I tried to talk to the women, they seemed to just be annoyed. It was really frustrating. But I just constintely tried to talk to them and compliment them, and call them, and ask them how I could help. Finally on Sunday, I noticed a HUGE change! The ward was so kind and loving! It was a complete change. They seemed to need our help and want us to be involved. I was shocked! This has been the biggest miracle of the whole transfer, something I have been praying for and struggling with the most this transfer. What a blessing!
Another miracle that happened this week: it was a cold night, and I had a feeling that my companion and I should got home and look through the area book. She told me that the area book was all updated, and I asked her about the contact sheet. She said she didn't really know and thought that it was. We decided to go home and see what we could find. I opened the book and went to the contact sheet. The first person on the sheet was someone that was found on the street a year ago. It looked like there was no information on the woman being called or followed-up on. I picked up the phone and called her, and to my surprise, she was thrilled, knew who I was, and wanted to meet. We met with her for the first time yesterday and taught her a little about families and our church's beliefs, and gave her a church tour. I hope that she will want to meet again.
The work has been going great. So many miracles are happening. I have a great feeling about this next transfer and I know that there is a reason that I am serving in both areas. I think there is no coincidence that I know both areas already, both wards, and both sets of investigators. I can't wait to see how everything unfolds!
I love you all and am grateful for your love and support to me! I know that this gospel is true. I know this because of the happiness that I feel each and everyday. It is more than a happiness, but a joy that is beyond description!
I hope you all have a fantastic week! I love you!
커시 자매
Sister Kersey

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