Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Letter #39

Happy Halloween!!!! I wish I was home to dress up and celebrate it with you all, but we are going to be having our own Halloween party here which I am so excited for. We have been preparing all week for this party and will continue this upcoming week. My companion and I are in charge of all the decorations and the missionaries are putting on a silly dance and skit. So it really is taking all of our time. I hope that our members bring their friends and investigators end up coming!!! It is going to be a blast!
So this last week was pretty discouraging for me. I had planned this week so thouroughly and was so excited for all the people we were going to be able to meet and teach, but sadly ALL of our appointments fell through. I know that next week will be better!
My companion is wonderful! I absolutley LOVE speaking Korean constantly and am seeing a HUGE improvement! I love it!
On Sunday, I was shocked when a fan pulled up to the front of our church building full of American men in suits. They were the area seventies!!! It was so cool to have sacrament meeting in English, translated into Korean and to meet these men. They were in the family history department and told lots of stories about keeping records of our lives! It was really inspiring and I know that I need to be keeping a better journal for my life and future posterity! I loved watching them have to take off their shoes before going into the building and watching them eat lunch with chopsticks! It was a shock for me to notice how many things are different here than in the US. It all just seems so normal, but when I see a foreigner, I realize how different it is! I love it! I love Korea with my whole heart! After church and lunch, we ended up doing ALL the dishes...a lot of work, but so much fun! And it felt great to serve our ward!
Well, I hope I have more to write about next week! I know it will be much better! I am grateful to be here and to be the Lord's missionary! I feel so priviledged to have this opportunity! I know this church is true and is Jesus Christ's full, restored gospel! I love you all so much and appreciate all of your love and support!
Have a fantastic week!
커시 자매
Sister Kersey

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