Thursday, May 2, 2013

Letter #63


So there have been a lot of changes going on here in our mission due
to the huge increase of missionaries coming in! President and SisterGilbert have started a new program to help all of the many sisterscoming into our mission field by calling new sister training leadersin each zone. I. along with three other sisters have been assigned tobe the first sister trainer leaders. I will be over the sisters in myzone to call and check on them periodically, look at their keyindicators each week, and go out on exchanges with them in order totrain and teach them how to improve the areas that they are servingin. This calling is just like a zone leader, but it is a sister zoneleader, so we work closely with the elder zone leader in our area. Itwas a really sudden and surprising call! My companion and I were onthe bus coming home from district meeting last week, when suddenlyPresident called and told my companion that we had a mandatory zoneleader meeting that we had to attend the next morning via Skype....hesaid no other details. So the next morning as we set up our Skypeprogram for the meeting, I saw all of the zone leaders through themonitor and realized what was going on. Then the meeting started andPresident announced that we sisters would be the new sisterrepresentatives in our zones. Everyone was shocked with thechange...and it really is great to change our mission, to get set upfor the HUGE wave of sisters coming in! I am so excited!

This week was definitely a successful and fun-filled week! Mycompanion and I met with two former investigators from 2007, one ofwhich has a lot of interest in learning about our church, and one whowould like to learn about our church, but because of circumstancesthat she is living in, cannot openly research our church. We were soexcited that they both met with us, and especially that one of them iswilling to meet some more, even though she studies with about two orthree other churches. She is really trying, and has been trying foryears to find the one church that is the true church, and is longingand craving for her searching to end. We called her last night, andshe said that she has been reading a little from the Book of Mormon,is willing to learn more, and will meet with us for a branch partythat we are having this upcoming week!!!

We also met with one of our young single adult sister's friend thisweek. I have met with her about three times now, but she always isjust quiet and seemed like she had very little interest in what we hadto share. The last time we met with her was a few weeks ago and we hadtaught her how to pray. This week. our member came running to us soexcited and told us that her friend was having a hard time this weekso she tried to pray on her own for the first time. After she prayed, shesaid that she had interest in learning about our church and wanted tomeet with the missionaries again! We met with her this week and taughther about Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, and the Restoration. Shewas so receptive to our message and as we left, she sat down andstarted looking at the pictures in the front of the Book of Mormonwith her friend!

This week, we also saw a HUGE miracle with one of our less-activemembers. We have been trying to meet with this sister at least once aweek this whole transfer, and have really developed a strongrelationship with her. She has been attending different churches forthe past few years, and still does not know how to receive answers toher prayers and find what church is really true. When we met with her,her daughter, who has autism, got suddenly very ill and she
was planning on taking her to the hospital the next day to get
checked. We taught her about baptism to have her remember her
baptismal experience and remember the special covenants that she had
made at baptism. She was so receptive to our message and started
telling us about how she is able to feel the spirit giving her peaceas she does the right thing and also, especially about her daughter
being sick. Our message completely changed the look on her face and
almost brought a light to her eyes. We knelt in prayer together and
later that night, prayed specifically for her daughter's health. The
next day, this sister called my companion and I so excited! Sheexplained that she had taken her daughter to the hospital and that she
had no blood and was completely clean! A total miracle!!! She was so
happy and relieved and immediately asked my companion and I to come to
her house to visit and teach her again this next week! Another
miracle....that she first called us, and then actually set up anappointment with us!!!

Yesterday at church, I was asked to give a talk on the Book of Mormon
and how to study the Book of Mormon. This week as I prepared for this
talk, I have realized the powerful affect that the Book of Mormon hashad in my life. From the time I was just a child, reading the Book ofMormon with my family, I came to know that it was true simply by the
feeling that it brought to my heart, and the change in my family's
relationships when we read from it. Now as I read daily from the Book
of Mormon, I receive the same feelings of happiness, peace, and love
that I felt as a child. As I read from the Book of Mormon, Iliterally feel like it is a book written for me specifically from God.
I feel that I can pray to God and ask a question....any question, and
through reading the Book of Mormon, whether by the words, or by mythoughts and feelings while reading it, I receive an answer every time.I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and I know thatbecause we have the Book of Mormon on the earth today, we can and do
know the fullness of Christ's gospel! I know that the Book of Mormon is
true and nothing can change your life more or make you closer to God
and your family, than by reading daily from this magnificent book!!! I
am so grateful for it in my life!!

I love you all so much and am thankful for your love for me!
Have a great week!


커시 자매

Sister Kersey

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