Thursday, May 16, 2013

Letter #64


Happy Mother's Day this week and Happy Birthday Daddy!!! :)

Well I am actually e-mailing right now from our mission office in Busan! I have been called and asked to continue training my new missionary companion, but also train a brand new missionary coming from the MTC!!! So I flew into Busan this morning and had training meetings today, and will be here until Thursday this week! This should be an absolute blast this next transfer training two new missionaries! I also will now be over nine sisters in my zone! This should be a great next transfer! I am so excited about it, but very humbled by this call! I hope that I can be the leader that this mission needs me to be to train the new missionaries coming in at this exciting time in history!!! 

This last week, my companion and I were able to see a miracle! There is this less-active member in our branch that I have been trying to meet for two transfers now. We had scheduled to go visit her this one evening, but our plans were running behind and it was getting late. We had a little bit of time, and I felt that we should just try to see if she would be home! To our complete surprise, she was home!!! And she let us in. We sat with her and ate food and talked to her about her family and her life. She told us that she really struggles with faith and feels inadequate at church, so refuses to go on Sunday! Her husband and some of her family are not members, so it is hard for her to live the gospel standards in her home. Her family members were there, and we had the opportunity to meet them. They were so kind and we had a great time meeting with them. We shared with her a scripture about giving thanks through prayer. After reading the scripture, she shared her thoughts, and I could see her faith and how strong it was! I told her that she really does have so much faith, and she lighted up like a light-bulb! She was so happy! Her whole demeanor changed! What a beautiful miracle! I have a feeling that we will be able to see this family again really soon and hopefully help the mom see her potential and help the rest of the family learn about the gospel!

We also met with our young investigator along with one of our members this week, to teach her about faith, repentence, and baptism! We invited her to be baptized and she said that she really wanted to be....but later in her life. We invited her to invite her brother to our church, on Saturday, for a special branch party that we were having! They both came and had a great time! We also had one other investigator come and another girl that we found at the Jeju University a few days before! It was a great turn-out and the branch members loved the party! There was food, and games, and the missionaries in our district did a skit of a missionaries' day in the field, had a tap dance from one of the elders, and lots of songs and short movie clips! It was great! The elders really planned the whole thing and did a great job! It was a blast!

The work on Jeju is going great and I feel so blessed with the miracles that we have been seeing here! I am especially blessed to see how completely changed my companion has become and that she is really turning into a fantastic missionary! What a huge blessing to see this!

I love missionary work! I know that this is the time for the work to move forward! There are so many missionaries coming and this is truly the time to harvest the field really is white! And what a beautiful blessing to be here helping this work move forward! I love you all!

커시 자매

Sister Kersey

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