Thursday, May 16, 2013

Letter #65


Oh it was so fun to talk to you all today!!!! That just simply made mywhole day! :) I feel like we just talked on Christmas though....timeflies by so, so fast! It is a bad combination when the time keepsgoing by so quickly, but your interest and love for the work justkeeps getting stronger and stronger! I guess I will just never beready to go home!

This week was crazy! Being in Busan for about half of the week was funto see all the other missionaries and work back in my old areas! Wegot to meet the new trainees and they were all so full ofenergy and fire! Wow! I have never seen such an excited group come! Ithink it was really, truly revelation to have 19 year old sistersstart serving missions....they are so full of life, and energy, andjust have a HUGE desire to learn and make a difference! I was able towork with three of the new sisters in a proselyting activity on thesubway and at Busan University! The first girl that I worked with wasan American sister from Missouri who actually was born in Sacramentoand has relatives that used to live in Rancho Cordova! We got alongright away, and when we worked together, in just fifteen minutes, wereceived three contacts from people! I loved working with her and hada feeling that she would be my new trainee....and sure enough, thenext day it was announced that I would be training her! She and I wereboth so excited! I feel like I am serving with me....we are sosimilar! She is already doing so well and I can tell that she is goingto make a HUGE difference here! She is just so excited to do the work,so full of love for Korean people and the culture, and so dedicated todoing the work of the Lord!

In our three-some companionship, with my Korean trainee and nowAmerican trainee, it is a total blast and challenges to try to helpboth of them with their completely separate needs. They are both sosweet and both so patient with each other and the language barrior. Iwas so worried that my Korean trainee would feel left out all the timewith two American companions and her not being able to speak anyEnglish, but I just translate for her and so that she can always bepart of the fun! And even when I am not around, they always find a wayto communicate with one another and have become great friends! I lovejust sitting back and watching them both learn in their own personalfindings and struggles! They are both so kind and patient and full oflove. I don't think I have ever been so tired, but so happy my entiremission!!! :) The feeling with the three of us is something I havenever experienced! We are literally like a family!

So while I was in Busan for training, I suddenly saw a woman and herdaughters from an old ward that I had served in. Back when I servedthere, she and her daughters were less-active and my companions and Itried to visit with them once a week. Before I even saw her, they sawme and came running up to talk to me! They were so happy to see me andinvited me to have dinner with them. Because of the training activitywe were doing, I couldn't meet with them for dinner, but I wascompletely shocked that they even remembered me....and on top of thatthat they wanted to talk to me! I found out later that after I leftthat ward, the mom quit her job and the family started going back tochurch!

Another special experience that I had this week was with a wardmember. After my two companions and I got back to Jeju, we went out todinner with a member that is in her late twenties. We ate dinner andin the restaurant shared a message that I had been prompted to sharewith her. It was on studying the Book of Mormon. During our lesson,she started to cry and said that it always seemed to be that we alwaysshare with her the exact message that she needed to hear. On the carride home, she told me that when she first met me a few months ago,she felt something very different around me. She said that she hadtalked to her fiancé about that as well, and he had the sameimpression. She said that she feels that she would want to be myfriend for her whole life, even after I go back from my mission. Ihave a feeling that one of the biggest reasons that I came to Jeju wasto find her and be her friend throughout the rest of our lives....evenhalf a world away! Experiences like these help me to know that all thehard work that I have been doing throughout this last year and fewmonths is never over-looked and is all worth it.

This morning while on the bus, a woman sat next to my new trainee. Shefinally got up the courage to talk to her, even though she knew thatshe could not understand anything this woman was saying and that shecould barely speak back to the woman. As she talked to this woman, shestarted to introduce her to the Book of Mormon, something that we hadjust gone over how to do the day before in training study. She endedup giving this lady a Book of Mormon! The first time that she hadproselyte here in Jeju, and the absolute first time that she had doneit by herself! And after getting off the bus, this woman gave us herphone number and said that she would meet with us later! This is justa huge testimony builder to me that the Lord will use His servants todo this work. Those that are chosen will be able to do this worksimply through faith on the Savior Jesus Christ. It all comes down tohaving more faith in Him and doing what we have been called todo....preach His gospel!

This is the Lord's work and I know that it is moving forward! I knowthat this gospel is true...that is the only way that we can see themiracles that we see each and every day!

I love you all! Have a great week!

커시 자매

Sister Kersey

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