Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Letter #62


Well this week was a week of mixed emotions. The work on the island is
slower than ever which makes me feel like much of our time is wasted
and that I am failing this area. But at the same time, the feelings
that I have received while watching General Conference and attending
mission meetings has re-affirmed to me that this is just part of the
plan and part of being a missionary! Got to love every second, even
the hard ones right?! :) And I do!

My companion and I have been really trying to focus in on our branch
members lately and receiving referrals from them. Just this past week
while meeting with memebrs, we have learned of other members that we
can help and reach out to that are struggling and we even have been
told of friends that our members want to start teaching the gospel to!
So cool! I have realized that it is as easy as just giving love to the
members, teaching them the doctrine by the spirit, and simply asking
them who we can help that has been blessing us with people and member

On Saturday night, after watching General Conference at the church all
day, my companion and I had planned to go visit a less-active member
that has been attending a bunch of different churches lately, trying
to find which one she believes in. When we got to her house, we were
excited that she was home, and then we were more excited when she
opened the door and let us in. I had had a slight impression the night
before to go drop by her house the next day after Conference. When we
got into her house, she started talking our ears off about her
life....which is normal of her. For an hour and 15 minutes we listened
to her life stories and trials, etc. Finally because time was pressing
at us, I told her that I wanted to share with her a little message. We
had planned to talk on baptism, but as I sat listening about her life,
I knew that this was not the appropriate message at this time. So
after her looking slightly disappointed that I wanted to share a
message and then her going off for another five minutes or so on
another story, I simply started to talk about Christ. She sat quietly
as I told about how Christ served all people that He saw while here on
the Earth. I told her that when I follow Christ's example and try to
serve others, I feel a special feeling. I then told her that later
when I pray or receive an answer, I have that same feeling. I told her
that I recognize that feeling as the Holy Ghost. She sat there
stunned. She told me that she has been praying for years to find an
answer of which church was true, but didn't know how to recognize what
feelings were from the Holy Ghost. I asked her to go through this week
as Christ did and serve one person everyday. I told her that as she
did the service to recognize the feeling that comes to her. Then I
told her that we would check up on her in a week and come to teach her
about Christ's gospel and what we believe in our church. She agreed. I
felt the spirit so prominant in that lesson as I taught and testified
of Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. I felt very distinctly that I need
to focus on this less-active and that by doing we may be able to see
her life change and she may for the first time come to receive a
testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I feel strongly that we are
her answer that she has been looking for for all of these years!

I know that this gospel, the gospel of Jesus Christ is on the Earth
today. It is the same gospel that was on the Earth when Jesus himself
taught it. It was restored to the Earth by a young boy named Joseph
Smith who simply asked his father in heaven a question through prayer
and by doing so received the keys of the priesthood and became God's
prophet. I know that He did see God the Father and Jesus Christ, and I
know that because of him, we have the fulness of Christ's gospel on
the Earth today! I love this gospel and know that it is true. I know
Christ lives and loves each one of us! I know that through this
gospel, we can find and live in true, ever-lasting happiness! I love
each one of you and am so thankful for your love and support to me!
커시 자매

Sister Kersey

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