Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Letter #66


WOW!!! What an incredible week of miracles!!! I cannot even tell you
have extremely humbled and grateful I am for what a special week this
last week was! The feelings of complete love and almost a celestial
living were incredible! I absolutely love having this opportunity to
train two wonderful sister missionaries! What a blessing in my life!

This week we had two occurances where someone from the street saw our
church and came in looking around. We were able to give one a church
tour and the other came yesterday about ten minutes before church
started. She is Korean, but from Russia. She has been learning Korean
for about three years and was visiting Jeju for vacation. We were able
to teach her the Restoration with a member during church. She attends
a different church in Russia, but as we taught, the spirit was
absolutely overwhelming! She completely understood all that we had
explained and practically stole my Book of Mormon, that was in my hand,
away to look at it. After our lesson we told her thank you and asked for
her for her information to give the missionaries in Russia. She is moving back
to Russia so did not have inforation to give us, but was so excited to
find our church again and find the Book of Mormon, in Russian, when she
gets back! She told us thank you so many times and kept telling us
what a peaceful and special feeling she had while meeting with us! She
recognized the spirit and the truthfulness of our message!
I have no doubt that she will find our church again when she goes back
to Russia and will be able to learn the lessons in her first language.
What a special experience and a testimony to me and my two companions!

Throughout my mission, I never been moved upon by the spirit so
directly in how to do missionary work, as I have been this past week.
Even last night I had a distint feeling that we needed to go visit a
member, and that we needed to visit her before we visited a bunch of
other people we had planned to see for the rest of the evening. We brought
her family cookies, said hello, and left. We then started for our
appointments. We had planned to go see an old investigator at her home
and try setting an appointment up with her to meet with the
missionaries again. The missionaries have been trying to meet with her
again for about 4 or 5 years now with no success. As we got
to her apartment, we saw a woman walking out of the elevator. We said
hello and headed up to the apartment. Suddenly that same woman came
running after us and asked us if we were looking for her. We asked her
her name and it was her! We were both shocked and to our even
bigger surprize was that she set up an appointment to meet with us

These are just a few stories of the amazing miracles that we
have been receiving this last week! It is so incredibly amazing and
humbling to be the Lord's tool here in this beautiful area! I feel so
extremely blessed! I know that this is the Lord's work and that He
truly walks with us and does the work with us when we are exactly
obedient and love others in the way that He loves them! I love you all
and how you have a great week!


커시 자매
Sister Kersey

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