Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Letter #71

July 1, 2013

Wow! What a week! So much fun and so different than I was expecting. I
have to say that this last transfer was nothing like I had planned. It
seemes like I have the very best of all worlds...the best companions,
the best area, the best branch members, the best investigators, the
best district, but by far the hardest time adjusting to the reality
that this is going to be ending someday...and someday soon. It doesn't
seem real, and I don't even think about it, but I think that my
sub-conscious knows, which means that it comes out in other crazy
emotions and stresses and dreams. Wow....kind of a crazy time.

But even through all these kind-of undescribable emotions, we have
been working harder than ever and seeing amazing miracles. Heavenly
Father definitely knows what is going on and exactly what we need!

The first part of this week was kind of a clean-up of sorts on
investigators that we have been meeting with for a while that are not
progressing, and trying to figure out more of the less-active
situation. There were a lot of dropped investigators, which was
difficult, but exactly what we need to have happen in order to find
the many new people that are prepared for us to teach. Our one
progressing investigator that had the dream about me last transfer,
finally came to church on Sunday! I complete miracle. The branch was
so excited and welcomed her in with open arms. This week we have been
asked by two members in the branch to join them for dinner or p-day
activities! Our branch members are absolutely the biggest blessing and
a huge example of how to do member missionary work. They serve so
openly and lovingly!

Another young single adult sister in the ward that is working on her
mission papers, introduced us to her friend last week at English
class. We met with her during the week to talk at a Cafe, and were so
excited to hear that she has never had a religion or been to church,
but after coming to English class and feeling a feeling that she
couldn't describe in our church building, suddenly had huge interest
in our church and getting a religion. She said that each time she
looks at us in our eyes, there is a light that she can't describe and
she longs to be as happy as we are! I feel so blessed for amazing
branch members that have the faith and the desire to share the gospel
with their friends, and have enough trust in us to let us meet with
them! Another sister on Sunday approached me and told me that she had
a friend that she travels to the other side of the island for class
each day that she also want to refer to us! What a huge miracle and

Yesterday was supposed to be our p-day, but a member asked to take us
to some beautiful waterfalls today on the other side of the island, so
we got permission to change our p-day this week to Tuesday. I am so
happy that we did, because we had the most amazing day yesterday
diligently giving ourselves to the work. It started out in the morning
as I was teaching and training my two trainees in our 12 week program
on how to become a missionary. We were discussing ideas on how to find
more people to teach, which was perfectly appropriate for dropping
most of our investigators the week before, when we suddenly had a
fantastic idea! It was an idea that could go far beyond the time as a
missionary, to becoming a every-day member missionary. We discussed
how amazing it would be if people carried with them pamphlets and name
cards of the church and how to contact you and the missionaries, so
that everytime you found someone to serve, whether at school or the
grocery store or at work, you could tell that person that you
represent a servant and disciple of Jesus Christ and hand them a
pamphlet. What if every member of the church were to start doing this?
Just to random people they see and that they help to serve. Whether
that is someone that has their hands full with groceries and a
screaming child trying to get to their car, or a friend at school that
just had a death in their family. What if we approached them, even as
a stranger, and held out a hand, as Christ would if He were here. That
is our whole purpose here on Earth! We were baptized and took upon us
His name! Isn't that exactly what we are supposed to be
doing....acting in His behalf as His representative at all times, in
all things, and in all places?! WOW! I am so excited about this! So
excited that my companions and I want to put on a fireside for our
branch on how they can be everyday missionaries and disciples of Jesus
Christ! How cool is that!

My companions and I are also trying to be more bold with each person
that we meet! On the bus, we tell people directly and forwardly that
we are representing the Savior, Jesus Christ in this area, and are
here to completely have our focus on the people that live in this area
to help them come to know Jesus Christ and to help them the way that
He would if He were here! It is incredible that power that that brings
to us and the spirit that touches these sweet people that we talk to!
How amazing would that be if every missionary were that bold when
talking to random people they meet on the street?!

Yesterday we also were able to call a sister in the ward that we saw
on Sunday that looked pretty sick and down. I kept having a feeling
that we needed to go see her, so we called and set a quick
appointment. I was shocked when we got to her house and found it
completely messy...like it hadn't been cleaned in a good couple of
days. We sat down and started talking with her, but she looked tried
and heavy. I finally asked her about cleaning the house. Because she
is sick, she has a hard time cleaning, and told us that the Relief
Society would be coming on Thursday to help her out! I told her that
was great, but that there was no way that we were going to have her in
a messy house until Thursday. My companions and I immediately stood up
and started to clean. We turned on the lights, cleaned the house,
played with the kids, listened to hymns on the piano as her daughter
practiced, and then shared a simple message about the role of a mother
and what a great job this sister was doing as a single parent and
raising two children on her own. In just that short hour, her home had
a complete different spirit, and her face had a new light. I left
there feeling like we had done something right....and what Heavenly
Father wanted us to do that day. Focus completely on his one
struggling daughter!

WOW! I love this gospel and I love missionary work, and I absolutely
love being a missionary and a representatvie and disciple of Jesus
Christ! What a humbling experience to be representing Him and to take
upon His name daily! I feel so extremely blessed for that priviledge!

I know this gospel is true, That Christ lives, that He is our Savior
and Redeemer! There is no doubt in my mind, heart, or soul about this
simple truth! He lived here on Earth, established His church, payed
the price for our sins and mistakes, lived a perfect life, and died
for each on of us! I love Him! I know that He is my older brother! He
is your older brother! He knows us and loves us! How grateful I am for

Have a great week! Remember who you represent! Stay strong! And let
His light shine through you! Be an example of Him!

I love you all!

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