Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Letter #73

(Second to last letter from Sister Kersey.  She will be giving her homecoming talk on August 11th at 1:00pm at the Santa Juanita Building.  We would all love for you to come!  Thank you for all of your love and support!  Jim and Carri Kersey)


WOW!!! What a beautiful week! Now that monsoon season is over, the
weather is absolutely beautiful here on Jeju and I am just soaking it
all in! I feel so happy to be here and feel so blessed with this
amazing place that I live and the amazing people that I love so

Yesterday, we were so excited to see one of our members bring her
non-member friend to church for the 3rd time! And we were even more
excited when she told us that she asked us if we could start teaching
her the missionary discussions! She was so excited to hear our message
and has such a desire to learn about our church! She listened so
intently and even asked questions! Our members right now are starting
to bring more and more of their friends to church, or English class,
or to meet with us! I think that I have received more referrals and
talked to more members about their friends that are interested in our
church more in this area than any other area that I served in my whole
mission! What a blessing! I am so blown away with these members'
devotion and love for the missionaries and missionary work! I feel so
humbled to be working right along with them.

Last night, we met with two families in our ward for dinner and asked
them to reach out as disciples of Christ in serving those that they
find on the street that need help or just a friend. We gave them all
two pamphlets each and asked them to tell these people that they are
disciples of Christ and have a special message for them that will help
them. To my surprise, the members were absolutely excited and
motivated to take the pamphlets, and they all promised us individually
that they would do this! I am so excited to hear the amazing stories
that they will have!

The lesson that I was able to learn more than anything this last week
was about being an agent! I have never in my life understood how
powerful it is to be an agent until this last week! We literally are
given agency to be our true selves and resist all temptations and
outward influences that will attack us and try to bring us down. I
believe firmly that no matter where we are, no matter who we are with,
and no matter what our situation and circumstances, we are able to be
true to ourselves and God and find true foundation and happiness by
doing so! This is our way to knowing who we really are to God and our
way to coming back to Him like how we were before when we lived with
Him! What a blessing to know that I am an agent, and that I can choose
each day what I will do and what I will say and what I will believe!
There could never be a more powerful, more sacred gift than our power
of agency and being who we really are!

I am so happy for who I have become and what I have learned during
this precious time on my mission! There has never been a more precious
time in my entire life! What a sacred and dear experience in my life!
I will be forever thankful! I love you all and hope you have a safe
and happy week!

거시 자매

Sister Kersey

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