Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Letter #72

July 8, 2013

Happy Independance Day!!! I didn't get to celebrate too much being in
a foreign land, but my two American companions wouldn't let me forget
it! :)

I am so thrilled to hear about how great the ward breakfast went and
especially all the people that attended! What a great example of
missionary work and really extending a loving, friendly hand to
others! Our ward is such a great example to me, and I feel so blessed
that I was raised in such a loving and giving ward!

This last week was fantastic! It started with us losing our cell phone
at a wedding reception. I was devistated! We got home and asked a
woman on the bus to use her phone to contact our district leader to
tell him that we wouldn't be calling him that night because we had no
phone. Right when we got in the door, we knelt down and prayed that
somehow we would be able to find our phone or get a phone. We got up
and just started planning for the next day, and we all had really
peaceful feelings about it. The next day, when we arrived back to our
apartment, there was a small peice of paper on our door from the
elders telling us that they had found our phone and left it at the
church for us! I guess we had left it in the taxi on the way to the
reception and the taxi driver took it to the police station where they
then contacted the elders. What a miracle! We again knelt down and
prayed a prayer of thanks!

On Thursday night, one of our branch members invited us and one of our
investigators over for dinner. This is the same investigator that had
the dream about me coming from heaven and taking her hand and leading
her to safety in between all the snakes. She told this member about
her dream, and our amazing member bore her her testimony of this
church and shared her conversion story with her. Early in the
transfer, my companions and I had found a scripture in the Book of
Mormon, in the chapter that she had been studying, that seemed to
describe her dream to perfection. I then opened the Book of Mormon up
for her and had her read the scripture. I then took her through her
dream, describing what symbolizim that I noticed and what I believed
her dream meant. She told me that she could understand that scripture
perfectly and believes that what I see as the meaning of her dream,
really could be true!

On Saturday night, while doing our daily planning, my companions and I
were discussing what we should do for Sunday evening. We had kind of a
plan written down that we thought could be the best use of our time
and the people that we should be visiting, when suddenly I just said
that I felt that we needed to change our plans to visiting a woman
that had stopped coming to church recently because she was ill. She
lived farely far and I was worried about visiting her at night and
especially on a Sunday night when her whole family, including her
non-member husband could be home. But I followed the prompting, told
my companions, they agreed and we switched our plans. Then on Sunday
night, as we were waiting for the bus, we again realized that we would
probably not be able to make it in time to really stay a long time and
that we would probably have to call in late. I asked my companions if
we should switch our plans again to something that might be a more
productive use of our time, but again the feeling came that we needed
to go. So we did!

When the husband opened the door, he immediately told us to come in!
Without hesitation. We were kind of shocked, asked if his wife was
home and entered the house. There she was just laying on the couch.
She looked so much better, but I could still see some sickness in her
eyes. We started to talk to her, and out of nowhere, I had a thought
in my mind that told me that she had a miscarriage. FInally I got up
the courage to ask her how she was feeling. She sat there for a minute
and then told me exactly what I had predicted. She then started
telling us how she believes in the Plan of Salvation so strongly, that
she believes that everything happens for a reason, and she knows that
she will see her baby again someday. She then told us that she had
specifically prayed that the sister missionaries would come and visit
her so that we could talk with her and comfort her. She said that when
she heard the knock at her door, she was not even in the least bit
surprized! Amazing!

We were able to talk with her, lift her, share our testimonies with
her, and then we gathered with her whole family, including her
husband, and prayed together! What a miracle!

I truly believe that God talks to us today. He literally tells us
where we need to be, who we need to see, and when we need to do it! He
controls everything, and I believe that when His son or daughter gives
a humble prayer, He hears every word and answers it! He loves us! We
are His children! We will have our sincere prayers answered, and we
can be the angels in other's lives if we just listen to His words by
the promptings of the spirit, with faith!

I love this work! I love all of you!

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