Thursday, June 27, 2013

Letter #70


Well just spent the morning running around getting my new trainee's
foreigner card filled out and then spent the afternoon visiting a HUGE
Buddhist temple! Absolutely beautiful and one of the best things I
have seen yet in Korea! I have been to little ones and they are great,
but this one was fantastic! I know I have lived in Korea for the past
year and three months, but it hits me every once in a while that I am
actually living in Asia and speaking to these people! Holy Cow! Cool!
My trainees were both as blown away as I was!

My new trainee is an American from St. George, Utah. She went to Utah
State just like I did and we are the same age! Her name is Sister
Kiser. It is hilarious because my two trainees and I look so similar
to one another and all have similar personalities! I don't think I
could have a better, more fun last transfer than this one with these
two new missionaries! She is doing great, and Sister Benbrook, my
other trainee, is also doing better than ever! They have so much fire
and courage that it just completely blows me away! We are already
having fabulous experiences and we just got back from Busan on
Thursday night!

This last week consisted of mostly running around from visits and just
trying to get weekly planning in when we had time! We are starting to
get really, really busy! I feel like our lists of investigators and
other people to meet is getting longer and longer! I LOVE IT! This is
what I have been working for this whole time that I have been here on
Jeju! And now it is here! And it is amazing!

We just received a new referral from a ward member on Saturday night
and are going to be meeting with them both this week! I am telling
you.....the miracles just keep coming! I am so humbled by the work
that we are seeing before our eyes! I can't even wait to start this
next week and see what is in store for us!

On Saturday, as we were traveling to an appointment with the Elders,
my brand new trainee gave away her very first Book of Mormon and
received a contact all by herself. I am so impressed that these two
brand new missionaries, that know such little Korean, are so couragous
and full of so much love that they are not afraid to do what they are
called to do: preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, and at all times!
What strong, wonderful missionaries! I feel so blessed to be working
with them. I already know that they are teaching me more than I could
ever do for them! What a blessing!

I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week! I know that this
gospel is true and I am so blessed to have the priviledge to share
this happy message to the world! What a little sacrifice for such a
life-changing experience!

커시 자매
Sister Kersey

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