Sunday, June 23, 2013

Letter #68


Well these last couple weeks have been kind of crazy. The work has
started slowing down, and many of our investigators have stopped
progressing or showing any interest in our messages. It has been sad,
but we have also met with some new people that turned out to be new
investigators! I don't know how interested they are at this point, but
we have people to work with and meet with!

It has been really interesting to see how my mission has turned a
little bit. I feel like these last few months of my mission are to
help lift and train the sisters in my zone before leaving. My whole
focus has been on my two trainees to make sure that they are
understanding what real missionary work is, making sure they are
seeing the blessings and joy of missionary work, and making sure that
they are progressing both knowledgeably and spiritually! It is so
humbling to see what type of missionaries they are becoming. They are
truly going to make a huge difference here in this mission! I have
full trust and confidence in them and what they possess! They are some
of the best sisters I have ever worked with. So hardworking, diligent,
full of love, willing to give themselves and be completely obedient!
What beautiful, noble, pure sisters!

These last two weeks, I have devoted my studies and thoughts to my
Savior Jesus Christ. Daily I have chosen a story about Him or His
teachings and studied His attributes to come to know Him more
thoroughly and personally! I have never had such a strong love for my
Savior and the perfect, sinless, beautiful life that He lived! He
truly lived a perfect life in every situation that He faced. I have
been able to recognize how I can take exactly what He did and apply it
into my daily life as well as into my character. I love my Savior and
know that He lives today! He is the perfect example of how to be happy
and how to live a Celestial life! I love Him!

I know this is the Lord's work! I am so humbled to be here serving as
His instrument! I love you all and am so thankful for your support for

커시 자매

Sister Kersey

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