Sunday, June 23, 2013

Letter #69


Happy Father's Day Daddy, Grandpa Kersey, and Papa! You each have
played such a special role in my life and I love each one of you! I
will be thinking of you this week! Know that I love you!

Well it is officially the start of a new transfer....and officially
the start of my last transfer. Wow! How did time fly so fast. I cannot
believe it! I feel like I just got are they expecting me
to go home now?

The other day, my Korean trainee was packing to transfer to her new
area, and my American trainee and I, who are both staying here in Jeju
this transfer, got out our new planners to do weekly planning. I
looked at my planner and opened it up, and out of nowhere just started
crying. is really starting to feel real now.

This last transfer, I will be finishing training my American trainee
and we also will be going to Busan later this week to pick up another
brand new missionary from the MTC. Yes, I will be in a three-some
again, and Yes, I will be training two brand new missionaries again.
What a blessing! Last transfer training two was such a fantastic
experience and we received so many miracles! I know that this transfer
will be just as wonderful, or more! I have more fire than ever before,
and I just want to get out and work, work, work!!! I think I have more
fire than my two trainees....haha! :) I just truly love missionary
work with my whole heart! It changed my life, and I cannot be more
thankful for this opportunity to be serving each and everyday as a
representative of my Savior, Jesus Christ! I love every minute of it!

This week, we were so blessed to see and visit with President and
Sister Gilbert a lot. On Thursday, my companions and I flew to Busan
for a special Sister's Conference and Training! We were taught by
President and Sister Gilbert about being strong as women of God and as
women in the church. We had lunch all together and then were able to
watch the Young Women's Session of General Conference! Wow! I learned
so much! I was asked to sing a solo, and I played the piano and sang,
"I Stand All Amazed."

Then later, on Saturday, President and Sister Gilbert came to Jeju to
do interviews with my district, and on Sunday to church, for our
Branch Conference! Wow! It was so wonderful to be around them and
their strong spirits and learn so much from them! I am so blessed to
have them as my mission president and mission mom. They have truly
taught me and guided me through my whole mission in learning who I
really am as Heavenly Father's daughter and the strenght that I
possess by being a worthy, virtuous women. I am so extremely grateful
for them and their constant, self-less service to this mission and to
the Lord! What amazing examples to me of who and how I want to become!
I love them!

We also saw huge miracles this week when we went to church. We had one
less-active that we had visited the week before with the branch
president come to all three hours of church. And then after church,
when we had lunch together as a branch, another less-active showed up.
I don't think that she has attended church for the past few years or
so. I had met her once and she never talked to me, but yesterday, she
was talking to everyone and even talked to me and my companions! Wow!
What a miracle to see people coming back and finding the joy of the

My trainee and I, as we have been preparing for this next transfer,
have felt a strong desire to have a baptism in these next six weeks. I
have no idea who will be ready, or if we even know these people, but I
have a feeling that as we give it our all, are exactly obedient, and
give all of our love to this work, that we will find the people that
are ready!

This is God's work. This is the happiest and most amazing work in the
entire world. Jesus Christ lives and is our Savior. Through Him, we
can find true peace and happiness in this life, and have confidence
that we will be happy and live with our families in the life after. I
know that God knows us and loves us. He is our Father in Heaven. He
truly weeps with us when we weep, and finds joy with us when we have
joy. Through this gospel, I have found all confidence and joy and love
every moment that I have when I can share that with others.

I love each one of you and am so thankful for your love and support!
You each are such a special blessing in my life! I love you!


커시 자매
Sister Kersey

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