Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Letter #61

Wow it sounds like things are going really great over at home! I am so happy to hear that everyone is so happy and well! And especailly to hear that General Conference was so great! I can't wait to watch it! It is this Saturday and Sunday for us here in Korea! I have been looking forward for this for about a month now! :)
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! :) I will be thinking of you two this week! I love you both so much!
So this week was full of excitement! We visited a ton of the branch members this week, and also just brought buy bread and tea for members in our branch that are struggling or were sick! It was fun to just do a little service for them and let them know that someone was thinking about them! On Sunday when I got to church, the branch members had changed dramatically! There is suddenly a huge excitement for missionary work, and it is like we are the new great thing! What a blessing! I think that they are starting to feel of our love, so in turn of course give us 100 times more! It was just amazing to see the complete switch in attitude towards the missionaries and the work here and also just in the gospel as a whole. Even our branch president called us into his office and instead of looking at our progress record for abou 10 seconds and sending us away, talked to us for about 15 to 20 minutes on the work that we had been doing and gave us people in the branch to focus on, and then immediately after church, he and his wife came with us to the less-actives' houses that we had planned to visit that day! Wow! This is just the biginning of something very exciting! I can feel it!
My companion and I have been trying to really focus on how to help our branch members and by so doing receive friend referrals. Just last week, we were able to meet and have lunch with a college student in our branch and her two friends. Then we asked one of the young women if there was a friend that she would like to share the gospel with, as she is getting ready to serve a mission, and she said yes. We then asked her if we could meet her friend and to our surprise, she said yes again!
Our branch members have also found a HUGE interest in our English program. Most to all of our students in English class have not been coming, but the branch members now have a huge craze to learn English, and we are going to start asking them to bring their friends along! So cool!!!!
We also have been just procelyting and trying to find new investigators. We found one student at a bus stop and asked her to come with us to ice cream the next day to have a 30 minute introduction to our church. We were shocked when the next day she showed up as she had promised, listened to what we had to say, and then set up another appointment with us and became a new investigator! So cool!
Well anyway, I don't have much time to write because of a P-day on the beach and hiking, etc, but I just wanted to let you all know that I love you and that the work is going better than ever! I am so excited for what may come out of this branch and this area! I know this gospel is true and this work is the Lord's work! The Savior lives and loves each one of us. I know this because of the feeling in my heart as I learn of Him and as I teach others about Him.
I love each of you!
커시 자매
Sister Kersey

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