Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Letter #19


Sorry my email is a bit late. Yesterday was Buddah's birthday and
everything was shut down for the day. We were given permission to
email today instead!

This week the Busan mission had the priviledge to be visited by Elder
Aoyagi of the seventy and his wife for Mission Tour. We all met in
Busan at were taught for the day. They are from Japan and knew very
little English and no Korean, so it was a fun meeting having
everything translated from Japanese to English to Korean, and back
again for interpretations of missionaries' responses. It was so
entertaining and such a wonderful experience. I learned so much from
him and was so inspired! My district had the opportunity to sing for
one of the musical numbers. We chose a hard song and it reminded me of
jazz choir all over again! SO FUN! It turned out really beautiful!

On Sunday I had to speak in church! Talk about intimidating...but I
made it! I tried to keep it as simple as possible. My ward is so
supportive and I love them all to pieces. They just smiled at me the
whole time and I could tell that they were proud of me! Ah I love them
so much! My companions and I did a musical number in church as well,
which was a HUGE hit! The ward could not stop talking about it and
asked us right after sacrament meeting to do another one in a few

Yesterday for P-day, there was a stake activity in 마선. We went with

our ward and spent the day with them playing games (especially jump
rope!!!) and eating lots of food! It was so fun and I loved being with
our ward members doing activities with them. I love them all so much
and feel such a connection with them! We had a less-active family come
to the activity and another less-active with his wife and children! It
was such a miracle and our ward was so happy to see them all again!
When I was helping the women clean up, one of the women told me that
she hopes that I stay in 통영 for my whole mission (or for at least a

long time! )! That totally made my day! I love them all so much and I
would love to spend my whole mission here with them!

The work is pretty slow right now. We met with one of our
investigators today, but she is not progressing and seems to be
loosing interest. Our focus is to just keep trying to find. We are
pretty much back at square one again, but that makes me excited
because I know that someone is waiting for us to find them!

I am so grateful to be here and I am so humbled by the miracles I see
everyday! I can see the Lord's hand in this work and I know that He is
right by my side!

I love you all! Have a wonderful week!


커시 자매
Sister Kersey

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