Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Letter #18

So this week started off pretty hard for me. Because one of our
investigators dropped us last week, we felt like we had to start all
over again. But that is the beauty of missionary work - there is
always people to teach and there is always someone you can help! I
love it and I love this work. My companions always say that they are
motivated by my love for this work and my on-going, never-ending
energy. I hope this is a compliment and I am not driving them crazy.
Haha! I just have this drive that takes over and I love it! I think I
get this from my dad! He is the most amazing example of a missionary
and I hope to be like him oneday!

This week, one of my companions, Sister Kent, was sitting at a bus
stop talking to a high school student. She asked her if we could teach
her about Jesus Christ and she said yes. We met with her at our church
on Friday and had the opportunity to teach her the first lesson about
Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, and the Restoration of the gospel. I
had the opportunity to recite the first vision. The spirit was so
strong and this young girl looked directly in my eyes when I recited
Joseph's words about his experience in the garden and bore my
testimony of the restored gospel. We taught her how to pray to God and
asked her if she would read and pray about the Book of Mormon. We were
surprised when she asked us if she could do it right then. We said yes
and she bowed her head and prayed the sweetest, most sincere prayer I
have ever heard. She promised Heavenly Father that she would read the
book and thanked him for meeting us at the bus stop. The spirit was so
strong and she glowed. She is so ready to accept the gospel into her
life and we are excited to teach her again!

This week was full of miracles! We were able to meet with two
less-actives in their homes! Both of these members were so hard to get
ahold of and to be there at the right time was such a blessing! We had
four less actives come to church yesterday! What a blessing they are
to our ward!

I have learned this week that it is important to always follow
promptings. I have had the priviledge to have a person's name or face
pop into my mind during the day and know that we need to visit them.
Last night I had one of these experiences. I kept thinking about this
couple in our ward and didn't know why. I had just seen them at church
earlier that day, but still throughout the day they popped into my
mind again. I finally told my companions that I felt that we needed to
show up at their home and visit them. When we got to the apartment,
the wife answered the door. She was home alone because her husband was
at stake meetings. She was extremely ill and could not hold anything
down. She was working in her home and all alone and her friend or
daughter was having a baby in the hospital so she was trying to
comfort her on the phone. I knew something was wrong the moment we
walked into the door. She looked pale and sick. She has had serious
health problems in the past and I think they had just come back again.
We were able to comfort her and talk with her. We sang with her "A
Child's Prayer" from the Children's Hymn book. She loves music and
after we sang, the spirit was strong in her home and her burdens
seemed to have dwendled. I am grateful for the power of music and for
the power of revelation. I am grateful that the Lord uses me as His
instrument everyday to lift and help His children here on earth.

I am again so grateful to be here and have this opportunity to help
Heavenly Father's children here in Korea! I love you all!

커시 자매
Sister Kersey

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