Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Letter #59

Happy Easter!!!! And happy birthday to Emma! My Emy Lou!!! I hope you have a very special day at Six Flags!!! :) So Fun!!!
So this was a really interesting and unexpected week! First, the week started off with one of our Elders getting EXTREMELY sick. We met for District meeting and he had been throwing up all the night before and kept having to get up and leave the meeting to go to the bathroom. I have never seen someone so sick. We were all so worried about him, so he went to the hospital and they found out that he had appendacitace! So he rushed to another hospital to the emergency room and had to wait for hours to finally get hooked up to machines and get a room before his surgery. His companion is a new American missionary that still does not know the language, etc, and because he could not leave his companion was not able to eat. We rushed to his ade and continually visited the hospital to give food and check up on them. So that kind of through off our week, along with transfers. I have been assigned to train a new missionary this next transfer to two transfers. Right now I am back in Busan for training and will be serving here in my old area, 김해, for the next couple days waiting for the new missionaries from the MTC. This is really exciting because this is the same time that I was being trained just one year ago. This week marks my one year mark living here in Korea! Crazy how fast time flies by. And the fun thing is that almost all of the sisters in my group that came to Korea together are training, so we can spend the same training meeting together that we did just last year! So fun!
This last transfer, one of our less-active members asked me to help translate and be the English announcer at the annual Jeju Fire Festival. I decided to do it for a service project and went with her to a recording studio to record all of the announcements. It was absolutely hilarious. They looked at the vocal records, and it showed the same pronunciation and voice fluctuations that a professional announcer has....haha I guess a hidden talent. They were so impressed, and the people that attended the Festival were also impressed. They wanted to pay me, but because I cannot be paid, my less-active received the money and used it to buy me a TON of groceries....especailly veggies!!! I was in heaven all week! :) HAHA such a funny memory!
Anyway, our young investigator did get permission from her parents to be baptized, but they refuse to sign or write a letter giving her full permission, because they want nothing to do with the church. So because it was not official, we are putting off the baptism untill we can meet with her parents and get written permission.
This week, a member called us inviting her to her house because her daughter had a non-member friend over that she wanted us to meet. When we got to the house, we casually started talking to her about her life and her interests. Our member came into the room and started talking about the work that we are doing as missionaries and how she had served a mission back when she was young and how much the gospel has blessed her life. The girl started to cry. Her mother had just passed away because of cancer. We read together from the Book of Mormon about life after death and especially about the resurrection. We all sat on the floor together sharing our experiences and testimonies of God's plan for all of us. I know that this gospel can and will bless every life on this earth and has a message for everyone!
Because of Easter, I just want to express my love for my Savior, Jesus Christ. I know that He came to Earth, established His gospel, lived a perfect life, atoned for the sins of the world, and died for each and every one of us. I know that His death is not the end. He was resurrected and lives today. And because of Him, we will all live again, and receive eternal life! I love my Savior, and I know that because of Him, we can have true joy and happiness! I hope that we can all remember the Savior this week, and reach out to others in His love! I love each and every one of you! I am so blessed for your love and support for me always!
커시 자매
Sister Kersey

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