Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Letter #54

First of all, I just want to give the Roper family my love at this time of their loss. I am thinking and praying for all of you.
What a great week here in 김해! This week started off with a call from our branch president in a panic because his son had left the house after a fight with his dad and hadn't returned the next day. We dropped everything and went to the family's aid. We cleaned their house and got permission to watch their kids while the parents were our looking for their son. When the mom returned from the police station, we kneeled in prayer with her and comforted her and then left for another appointment. Just a few hours later, they found their son! What a huge miracle and answer to prayer! God truly does know all of our needs.
This week we were busy with lots of lessons. Our investigators finally have time to meet, and we were so excited to see them again, and for me to meet some of them for the first time! We met with our grandma investigator at the hospital and taught her about the word of wisdom. She has been drinking coffee her whole life...80+ years, but promised us that after her box of coffee is gone, she will not drink anymore! What a powerful, faithful woman! We also met with a less-active mom and her non-member daughter for the first time this week. Her daughter asked us right away about baptism, and wants us to help her prepare to be baptized! This is not only going to bless her life, but hopefully get her mom back in the church! Her mom was so happy, and we are going to start teaching her the lessons soon! I also found an old investigator in our area book last week and called him and invited him to come to church, and he came yesterday, along with two other investigators! We were definitely busy! One Sir lankin investigator, one Vietnamese investigator, one Korean investigator, and at the end of church, during the last hour, suddenly a man walked in the church looking for the missionaries. So a new investigator!!!! We were crazy busy, and it was fun trying to remember to switch back and forth from speaking Korean to English to meet all of the investigator's needs! Our branch members were so great and helped us go on splits to teach all of the investigators that came! These memebers are probably the most giving and service oriented people I know! We are so blessed!
One of our branch members was moving this week, and we were able to help her pack up her kitchen, which gave us a great way to talk with her non-member husband about the church. He sat down with us and we talked about our exeriences at our baptisms and how powerful repentance is in changing our lives.
Also, this week, we went out and visited our less-actives to deliver Valentine's day letters from us and branch members and cookies that we had made. What a success! We were able to meet with so many of them...some that we had been trying to meet with for weeks with no success! It seemed like almost all of our visits ended in some sort of success!
I love missionary work! There is seriously nothing more special and rewarding! Even just walking with people on the street, carrying their groceries, or walking up and complimenting someone at a bus stop. On Valentine's Day, the first person I talked to was at a bus stop waiting for our bus. She was a college student with no religion. We were taking the same bus and she sat with me. We discussed a little about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration, but especially about Jesus Christ and His love for us. She was so intriqued and kept telling me that us meeting was destiny! She was so cute! Just being able to bear my testimony to someone that I meet on a bus, or on the street, fills my spirit with such joy and there is no doubt that this church is Christ's true church on the Earth, and that He loves and knows each and every one of us.
Just like the man that showed up at our church yesterday. He lived up in the Deajeon mission area and had met with missionaries to learn English. The missionaries lost contact with him, but one missionary went back and decided to call people that he knew from his first area as a missionary. He called this man, and this man told him that he had moved to 김해 for work. He helped him find the church over the phone and made sure that he was able to meet us. This missionary ended up being in my same group at the MTC!!!! What a small world! I know that Heavenly Father knows all of His children, and I do not think it was coincidence that this Elder felt like calling all of his former investigators. Now, this man is not only interested in learning a little bit of English, but wants to learn about our church and why we have chosen to give up this time in our lives to serving God.
WOW! God loves us! He loves each and every one of us. He has a special individual plan for each one of us, with the same goal to one day return and live with Him and His son, Jesus Christ again! I know that through this gospel, we can learn of each of our individual purpose and receive a relationship with God that will lead us back to Him. This is truly a plan of happiness!
I am thankful for you all! I love you all!
커시 자매
Sister Kersey

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