Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Letter #53


Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!! Oh I love Valentine's Day!!! For Valentine's day, we are planning of visiting our less-active members with cards from the branch members and home-made cookies! So fun!

So this week flew by! It was a great week. Very productive and so much fun! We did not have a lot of lessons this week because of the Luner New Year all weekend long. At church, we had one family and two other members from our branch, one investigator, and three families from other areas that were visiting for the New Year. It definitely felt like the Holidays. On Saturday, we were instructed to clean our house ALL day long....I am sure that a lot of the houses really needed that! So, my companion and I had a blast cleaning every inch, even with our toothbrushes, from 11am to 6pm straight...with one break to order food! :) It was a blast and our house is probably the cleanest it has been since missionaries first moved in! haha! I love it! My companion and I love our home now and had a blast together!

For the New Year, we went to a less-active member's home after church, and had delicious food. For the holiday, it is tradition to just eat, watch TV and sleep all weekend long. All we could really do as missionaries was just eat a lot of delicious food! It was so kind of our less-active to have us and we had a blast at her home! This week, we were on the streets and on the light-rail most of the time just procelyting and trying to find people to teach in between visits with less-actives and members. It was fun to just give all of our attention to finding people, and my companion and I made it fun along with hard work!

One member we visited this week has a husband from Idonesia area and we were able to go meet him at his restaurant with her. And it was my first time to try Indonesian food....and let me tell was DELICIOUS!!! I will go back anytime! So fun to try our a different culture and taste!

Probably my favorite part of this week was being able to reach out in service for all the people around me. Right now in our mission, we are reaching out in service to all we can every single day. Our zone leader has been sending us individual scriptures that they have thought of for each one of us with a card that says to help someone in need and give them this card to give to someone else that they help and so forth. It is amazing to see the many people that we can reach out and help and lift each and everyday! From seeing a grandma walking with heavy groceries, to open a door for a man with his hands full, to lifting a companion or friend who is having a hard time. We can reach out in service and love, just as Christ did for everyone that He met. He loved all people, and we can do the same. And oh the special feeling that comes from love and service. Every time that I reach out to someone else, I just feel even more love for those around me, more of Heavenly Father's love for me, and receive even greater energy, strenght, and ultimate joy!

This week, I feel like I have been able to really notice and understand the promptings of the spirit more than ever before in my life. I have really learned the difference between good and evil, and that there really is a real good and truth and also a real evil around us. I am so thankful for the Holy Ghost in my life that as always guided me in the way of truth and protected me and warned me against danger. I feel at this time in my mission, I am able to really see who I am and who I am to my Heavenly Father and know who I need to become! It is through the Holy Ghost and God's spirit that we can know all things, especially know who we are to God. We are so special to Him, and each has a special purpose here in this life! He loves us! We are His children. I feel so blessed for this knowledge, and especially for my firm testimony in this gospel that guides and directs every aspect of my life. I am thankful for all of you and your prayers for me! I literally feel them and they give me all strength, especially when I am weak! I love you all!
커시 자매
Sister Kersey

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