Thursday, December 13, 2012

Letter #44

(just a note to let you know a little of what has been going on for the last 8 weeks with Britanie.  She has had a Korean companion that has been having a lot of problems and has been verbally and emotionally abusive to Britanie.  Britanie, along with her Mission President and his wife have been trying to work with this girl for the last 8 weeks.  It has gotten so bad, that now there is going to be an emergency transfer to remove this girl.  Britanie will be going through some counseling to help her deal with the stress that she has been through as she continues to serve her mission.  We would appreciate all of your prayers for her.  
Thank you, Jim and Carri Kersey)

What a crazy past few weeks! First of all, Congratulations Robert! I am so happy to hear that your wedding went well. You have such a beautiful new wife and family! And DALLIN!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday! :) AH!!!! I can't believe you are a teacher now and can go to DANCES!!!! AH!!!!! Colin: you better watch over him ;) haha jk!
Anyway, it has been an interesting last few weeks. Not the most uplifting and I will be honest, probably the hardest two weeks of my life! I am so grateful for the experiences that I have been having, and I feel and know that this last transfer and last few weeks will forever change the rest of my life. I am so grateful for them, and so grateful for wonderful mission family that I have here. What a special thing to know that Heavenly Fathe knows us and loves us each individually. He really does know exactly what we need and who we need in order completley to learn and grow and become the person that we are supposed to become! Wow, it just blows me away the love that He has for each one of us. I feel like now I know why I had to come here to Korea at this specific time. What a sacred, beautiful time!
Last week, I had a very special experience. As I was sitting in Sacrament Meeting, I felt hundreds of angels all around me. I felt a love that I cannot explain, and I realized that it is true that angels are all around us to lift us up! I can feel that and know that God is real, that His plan is a plan of happiness, and because of His plan, we will be with our loved ones for all eternity, just as they are now with us! What a powerful, special thing to know, that we will be with our loved ones forever. Even now with Grandpa Dean, I know that He is happy and that he is with us. I know that he loves us and we will all see him again. I know that he lives, just as our Savior Jesus Christ lives. And because of our Savior Jesus Christ, we will live forever! What a beautiful plan.
I just wanted to thank you all for your love and support and many prayers at this time in my life! I can feel the power of my Savior's atonement and know that He loves each one of us individually! As Sister Gilbert would say, "I will meet you in our prayers."
I love you all!
커시 자매
Sister Kersey

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