Monday, October 8, 2012

Letter #36


WOW! I just found out about the age changing for Elders and Sisters serving missions! I can't believe that! What a huge change! That means Colin could go on his mission in just 2 years! Wow! Things are really going to change!

This week, my companion and I were so priviledged to see so many miracles! We have been so blessed, I can't even express my joy and gratitude that I feel. And I feel that I don't deserve all of these blessings that we have been receiving!

We went and visited a potential investigator during the week, and were able to talk to her about the prophet and we were shocked when she set a return appointment with us! She is Catholic, but her daughter lives in Orem and is a member of our church. She was so haspitable to us and her husband kept giving us more and more food as we sat and talked. She is very strong in her church and with her beliefs, but I was able to share with her a scripture from the Bible about prophets and their roll and how we need them now, even after Christ's death. She was so suprized and wrote down the reference to study later. I think she already knows in her heart that the church is true. I can't wait to continue meeting with her and teach her about the influence this gospel has in my personal life and in the world we live in now.

The work here in our area has completely turned since I arrived. We are having so much success with the ward members, less-actives, and receiving more investigators. It feels like a different area than when I arrived. We had 112 people at church yesterday and a less-active that we had visited a couple weeks before. I was absolutely floored when she walked in. She had told us in our meeting that her husband was very opposed to the church and that she has been attending another church. She also said that she was offended by the Bishop and that she did not want us to visit again. I had felt impressed that morning before visiting her that I needed to make a message card with a picture of Joseph Smith and write the first vision. Before leaving I handed her the card and thanked her for having us. Her countenance changed, and I strongly believe that she decided to come to church because she started to remember her testimony. She stayed for all of church and even bore her testimony! What a beautiful sight to see!

Another huge miracle happened this week! Back when I was serving with Sister Brady in 연산, we met a woman on the metro that told us that she had a sister that was a member of our church that lived in 금정(where I am serving now). We had a great visit with her and she promised us that she would feed us dinner sometime. We didn't think anything of it and forgot about it completely. When I arrived in 금정, one of the women in my ward came and asked me if I was the one that met her sister on the metro. She had spend 2 transfers trying to find the sisters that she had promised dinner to. We were able to get ahold of Sister Brady and received special permission to go to her home and have lunch all together with our companions. She was so kind and loved every minute of us being there with her and her son. By the end of the visit, the son accepted our English class invite and she said that she would attend Conference on Sunday with her sister! I was so blown away! I don't think it was just couincidence that I am serving here in this area! Everything is for a reason!

This week, we started preparing for a church open house with our ward that we will be having on the 20th. The Elders, a ward member, my companion and I set a table outside of the church and tried stopping people on the street to introduce them to our church. No one seemed interested and were all in a hurry going to this place or that. Finally, I saw a woman and her son walking across the street. I ran with my companion to their side and started talking to them about who we were and asked them if they had ever seen our church building before. They were very kind and asked us a lot of weird questions. They came to the table and said hello to the member and the Elders and then just went on her way. I had a feeling in my heart that she would be coming back. About 10 minutes later, she came walking down the street again and we said hello. She kept walking, then turned around and asked if she could see the inside of our church. My companion and I took her on a tour of the church, and the moment we walked into the chapel, a distinct, strong feeling came to all of us. There was no doubt in my mind that this gospel is the gospel of Jesus Christ and the true church on the Earth today. She was so impressed with our worship service and we invited her to come to church on Sunday. She said that she would not join us, but I would not be surprised if one day she showed up again. I have a good feeling about her.

Also, this week while on the metro coming home from the church, I sat by a woman and we started talking about the Book of Mormon. She started saying all of these mean comments saying that the Bible was the only true book on the Earth. I pulled out the Book of Mormon and opened up to the introduction. She quickly read it and then I explained to her that in this book we are able to find all of our answers to life's questions. We had glued in the front cover a section of PMG that talks about questions people have and where to find the answer using the Book of Mormon. She was so impressed and kept flipping though the pages. I had to get off at my stop, but told her that the Book of Mormon was a gift from me to her. She was so grateful. I will probably never see that woman again, but at least I was able to teach her truth in that moment and give her the gift that was the most precious to me!

I am so grateful for all of these miracles and so many more I was able to see this week! Heavenly Father has been blessing us so much! I feel so extremely blessed! This church is true! This work is the most amazing work in the world! I am so extremely blessed to be here and for my testimony! I love each of you so very much!


커시 자매
Sister Kersey

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