Thursday, September 13, 2012

Letter #32


Wow where do I even begin? So much has happened this last week and I just want to tell you all every detail!

I received a transfer call on Thursday night and am having to move to a new area. It is still in Busan, but it is even closer to our mission home. I will be working with the office Elders and the assistants to the President. That should be very fun and I am so excited about it! My companion is another American. She is the youngest American sister here in the mission (in a transfer younger than me). I was absolutely shocked to hear that we would be working together and especially all the responsibility that we will have here in this area. It just blows me away at how much trust Heavenly Father has in me. I still feel like I don't know enough Korean for such a big calling, but I know that there is a reason that I am here and I am so excited for the miracles that are going to happen in this transfer. I have such a good, peaceful feeling about it all and feel the Spirit very strongly here.

This last week in 연산 was definitely one to remember. One of the sweetest experiences happened to my companion and I just the other day. We had just left our apartment to go out prosyeliting for the day and my companion said that she felt like we should go down this certain road from our apartment. We started down the road looking for an apartment building to go knock doors. We came to a very old looking apartment building and my companion asked me if we could go try those doors. We got to the building and of course there was no elevator....we started the long way up the stairs to the top. We got down to the second floor and knocked on the door. We heard a noise from inside the house, but no one was coming to the door. I started leaving to go to the last floor, but my companion said that she heard another noise. We both went up to the door and started listening inside. Finally, the door opened, and a little old man was standing there with one leg. It had taken everything he had to come open the door to see who we were. We explained to him that we were serving missionaries from America and that we had a special message to share to him. He started explaining to us that his wife had passed away and that his daughters all lived far away. Everytime he spoke of his wife, he would start to cry. I explained to him that I knew his wife was in heaven and that he would see his wife again someday. He invited us in, but only walked out of the entryway before he had to sit down. We sat down in his entry way and he asked us to offer a prayer. I prayed for this little old man and for his family and that he would see his wife again. The man was so touched by this prayer and with tears in his eyes thanked us for coming. What a sweet experience that I will always cherish from my mission. The spirit was so strong and I could feel Christ's love more powerfully than ever before. For the first time, I felt like Christ's instrument and knew that I had helped someone in the way that Christ would have. I hope that that man felt the love that his Heavenly Father has for him, as much as I felt the love that He had for that old man. I know that Heavenly Father knews and looks out for each one of us individually no matter how insignificant we feel. I know that my companion and I needed to find that old man and help him realize that he would be with his wife again and that he is significant in his Heavenly Father's eyes.

Yesterday, being the end of the transfer, I was able to attend two baptisms. They were beautiful baptisms! Our investigator from China and her son came to one in 김해 with us, even though it was an hour and a half metro ride away. It felt so good to see the excitement of these people receiving baptism and see the impact that it is having already on their families.

I am so grateful to be here and to be a missionary. What a special opportunity. I have fallen even more in love with Korea, the people here, and this work. I don't ever want to go home....sorry family :) I have learned so much last transfer and have grown more than I ever thought was possible in such a short time period. What a humbling experience to have this time to devote completely to the Lord and become who He needs me to be.

I love you all and wish you were here with me!


커시 자매
Sister Kersey

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